Mati Anuroop Kahavu Hith Taata(33): Let Me Speak For Your Good, In Accordance With My Perspective, Brother!


Vibheeshan advises Ravan (Sundar Kanda Continued)


Baidevu sabham khabari asi paayi/sindhu paar sena sab aayi//

Buchesi sachiv uchit mat kahahu/ te sab hase masht kari rahahu//

As Ravan seated himself in his court, he got to know that the enemy’s army has assembled on the opposite shore of the ocean

He asked his ministers, give me proper advice( what should I do now), the ministers laughed and said, you need not do anything( what is the big deal in this anyway)


Jeetehu surasur tab shram nahim/ nar baanar kehi lekhe mahim//

You have vanquished all  Devas and Rakshasas,you never had to put in any effort, then why bother about humans and monkeys( do they count at all?)



Sachiv Baid Gur teeni jaum bolahim bhay aas

Raj Dharm Tan teeni kar hoyi begihim naas//

When the Minister, Physician and Teacher, out of fear of unpleasantness or greed for prospects, stop telling the truth( the real solution) and speak to please( sycophantically), then the country, body and Dharma- all three  respectively, would be destroyed fast enough


Soyi Ravan kahu bani sahayi/Astuti karhim sunayi sunayi//

Avasar jaani Bibheeshanu aava/ bhrata charan seesu tehim naava//

For Ravan too this coincidence had occured( he was not getting wise counsel), his ministers were praising him on the face

At this time, being sensitive about the opportunity given, Vibheeshan arrived, he bowed his head at his brother’s feet


Puni siru nayi baid nij aasan/bola bachan payi anusaasan//

Jau kripal poochihu mohi baata/mati anuroop kahavu hit taata//

He bowed and sat down in his seat,and then seeking permission he said-

Hey Brother! Since you are asking for my opinion, let me speak according to my  perspective, for your good


Jo aapan chahai kalyana/sujasu sumati subh sukh gati nana//

So parnaari lillar gosayi/tajavu chaudhi ke chand Ki nayi//

The men who desire prosperity, beautiful fame,intelligence filled discretion, progress and all forms of abundance, they should-

My Lord! they should avoid looking at the face of another man’s woman in the way they turn their face away from the moon of the Chaturthi day

( Note: It is said that Ganesha cursed the moon  once and whoever looks at it that specific night  of Chaturthi-will be embroiled in scandalous lies)


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