Sumati Kumati Sab Kem Ur Rahahim(35): Both the good and bad intelligence dwell within everyone


Ravan is infuriated with Vibheeshan (Sundar Kanda Continued)


Ripu utkarash kahat sad dove/doori na karahu iham hayi kovu//

Malyavant grih gayavu bahori/ kahayi Bibheeshanu puni kar jori//

(Ravan shouted)-These two fools are spouting the praises of my enemy! Who is there? Get them away from here!

Then Malyavant returned to his home and Vibheeshanji again joined his palms together and said-


Sumati kumati sab kem ur rahahim/Nadh puran nigam as kahahim//

Jaham sumati tah sampathi nana/jaham kumati tah bipati nidana//

Hey Lord! The Puranas and Vedas say that Subuddhi( discerning or good  intelligence) and Kubuddhi( wicked intelligence) dwell in everyone’s heart( Wisdom and Folly both dwell within everyone)

Where good intelligence dwells, there multiple ways of  joy stays, where wicked intelligence rules, there all results turn disappointing and unhappy


Tav ur kumati basi bipareeta/hith anahith manahu ripu preeta//

Kaalrathy nisichar kul Keri/tehi Seeta par preethy dhaneri//

In your heart the wrong intelligence has started dwelling, hence you are looking at what’s good as bad, and  seeing the foe as friend

Seeta, who is akin to KaalRathri( Night of worst nightmares)  for the Rakshasa clan, you are so enamoured by her


Doha: Tat charan gahi magavu rakhahu mor dular/

Seeta dehu Ram kahu ahit na hoyi tumhar//

Hey Brother! I am falling at your feet and begging you-please be indulgent with me( like you indulge a child’s plea), please return Seetaji to SreeRamji, so that nothing untoward happens to you


Buddh puran shruthi sammat baani/kahi Bibheeshan neethi bakhaani//

Sunat Dasanan uda risaayi/khal tohi nikat mrityu ab aayi//

Vibheeshan spoke appealingly  in words acceptable to scholars, based on Puranas and Vedas,  full of justice

But on hearing his words, Ravan was infuriated and jumped up, and said- You Wicked One! Now Death is very close to you( I will kill you now)


Jiasi sada sad mor jiaava/ripu kar pacch moodh tohi bhaava//

Kahasi na khal as ko jag mahim/bhuj bal jaahi jita mai nahim//

You Fool!You exist because I am there( You eat my food) but You Idiot! You like adoring the enemy better than me!

You Evil One!Tell me, is there anyone in this world that I have not defeated using my strong arms?



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