Har Ur Sar Saroj Pad Jeyi (37):The Lotus Feet Which Reigns In The Lake of Lord Shiv’s Heart


Vibheeshan journeys to meet SreeRamchandraji( Sundar Kanda Continued)


Dekhikhavum jayi charan jaljaata/ arun mridul sevak sukhdaata//

Je pad parasy tari rishinaary/Dandak kanan paavankaary//

(He thought ) I will soon be able to see the beautiful and rosy tinted lotus feet of SreeRamji,  the sight of which, gives immense happiness to His Devotees

The touch of which had given Ahalya her life back and which had purified the Dandak forests (Dandakaranya)

(Note: Ahalya was the devout wife of Sage Gautama who was tricked by Indra. Gautama cursed her to become a stone. He gave her the relief that the  divine touch of SreeRamji’s  feet in Treta Yuga would reclaim her life back. In PanchKanya Shloka, Ahalya’s name appears first.Ahalya, Sita, Tara, Mandodari and Draupadi  are the blessed five women who epitomise all qualities of head and heart)


Je pad Janaksutam ur laye/kapat kurang sang dhar dhaye//

Har ur sar saroj pad jeyi/ahobhagya mai dekhihau teyi//

The Divine feet which Janakiji carries in her heart, the same feet which raced on the ground trying to catch the False deer ( Asur Mareech in his trickster  golden deer form)

The same Lotus feet which reigns supreme in the lake of Lord Shiva’s own heart, it is my supreme fortune that I shall be seeing them today



Jinh payanh ke padukaninh Bharatu rahe mann laye/

Te pad aaju bilokihavum inh nayananhi ab jaye//

The padukas( footwear) of SreeRamji – on which Bharatji is meditating on-those graced the Divine feet-

Ah!And today, I am going to see those blessed feet with my own eyes!


Ehi bidhi karat saprem bichara/aayavu sapadi sindhu ehim para//

Kapinh Bibheeshanu aavat dekha/jaana kovu ripu doot bisesha//

In this way, thinking loving thoughts, Vibheeshan crossed over to the other side of the ocean

When the monkey army saw him coming, they thought that a special messenger of the Rakshasas had arrived


Taahim rakhy kapees pahim aye/samachar sab tahi sunayi//

Kah Sugreev sunahu Raghurai/aava milan Dasanan bhai//

Stopping Vibheeshan at the sentry post itself, they went to Sugreev and informed him of the news

Sugreev went to SreeRamji and said, Listen Lord! Ravan’s brother has come to meet You


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