Rakhihavu Taahi Pran Ki Nayim (38): I Shall Safeguard Him Like My Life Breath


Sugreev and SreeRamji talks about Vibheeshan (Sundar Kand Continued)


Kah Prabhu sakha buchiye kaaha/kahayi kapees sunahu Narnaaha//

Jaani na jayi nisachar maya/kamroop kehi karan aaya//

Prabhu SreeRamji said- Hey Friend! What is your view? Sugreev Ji said-

Lord, one does not know the maya(illusion) which the Rakshasas might use, they take different forms as per their desire( kaamna ke anuroop), I wonder about the reason behind this Rakshasa’s visit


Bhed hamar len sad aava/rakhia baandhi mohi as bhaava//

Sakha neeti tumh neeki bichaari/mam pan sarnagat bhayhaari//

This fool seems to have come to find out our secrets, he should be kept in captivity, that is my view

(SreeRamji said)Hey Friend! Your thought is logical( as per neeti), but I have pledged to remove the fears of those seeking refuge


Suni Prabhu bachan harash Hanumana/saranagat bacchal Bhagvana//

Hearing the Lord’s  words, Hanumanji was thrilled and thought, how loving and compassionate the Lord is,(saranagatvatsal) towards refugees



Saranagat kahu je tajahim nij anahit anumaani//

Te nar paavar papmay tinhahi bilokat haani//

(  The Lord  said) The man , who rejects the one who has come seeking refuge, in consideration of his own safety

Such a man is worthless,sinful, and even seeing  him causes harm


Koti bipra badh lagahim jaahu/aayem saran tajavu nahim taahu//

Sanmukh hoyi jeev mohi jabahim/janma koti agh nasahim tabahim//

Even if someone has caused the deaths of crores of Brahmins, I would not discard him if he seeks my refuge

Any living being that comes to my presence, its sins accumulated over crores of births get removed instantaneously


Papavant kar sahaj subhavu/bhajanu mor tehi bhav na kavu//

Jaum pai dusht hriday soyi hoyi/morem sanmukh aav ki soyi//

It is the natural behaviour of the sinful person that he gets no joy meditating on me

If he (Ravan’s brother) was wicked in his heart, would he have come seeking out my presence?


Nirmal man jan so mohi paava/mohi kapat cchal cchidra na bhaava//

Bhed len padva Dasseesa/tabahu na kacchu bhay haani kapeesa//

The person with a pure mind, only he can reach me, ( attain my presence) I am beyond the reach of those who are hypocritical and wicked

Even if Ravan’s brother has been sent for studying our secrets , then too, Sugreev, there is no need for fear or  to expect any harm


Jag mahu sakha nisachar jete/Lacchimanu hanayi nimish mahu tete//

Jaum sabheet aava sarnayim/rakhihavum taahi praan ki nayim//

Because, My Friend! All the Rakshasas on earth, Laxman can kill them off in moments

And if he has come  to me seeking my protection, full of fear, then I shall safe guard him like my own life breath



Ubhay bhathi tehi aanahu hash kah kripaniket/

Jay Kripal kahi kapi chale Angad Hanu samet//

The Temple of Compassion said smilingly- ‘Whatever be the reason among the two, bring him to me’

Then, accompanied by Angad and Hanuman, Sugreev left , hailing loudly – ‘May The Compassionate SreeRamji Be Praised!’


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