Bhuj Bisaal Gahi Hridayam Lagaava (39): He Extended His Great Arms And Hugged Him Close To His Heart


Vibheeshan meets SreeRamji ( Sundar Kanda Continued)


Sadar tehi aagem kari banar/chale jaham Raghupathi Karunakar//

Doorihi te dekhe dvau braata/nayanand daan ke daata//

Ushering Vibheeshanji respectfully forward, they went to SreeRaghunathji, the incarnation of kindness

From a distance, Vibheeshan could see the two brothers, so delightful to the eyes(their forms giving great joy to the eyes)


Bahuri Ram cchabidham biloki/rahevu taduki ekatak pal roki//

Bhuj pralamb kanjarun lochan/syamal gaat pranat bhay mochan//

Seeing the radiant form of SreeRamji ( Glory Incarnate), Vibheeshan stood stunned and stared with wonder, forgetting even to blink ( without closing his eyelids even)

The Lord had strong and great arms, eyes resembling a red lotus, and his dusky body removed the trepidations of refugees


Singh kandh aayat ur soha/aanan amit madan mann moha//

Nayan neer pulakit ati gaata/mann dhari dheer kahi mridu baata//

His shoulders were broad as a lion’s, his chest was spectacular, his handsome face could make a thousand Gods of Desire (Kamadeva)ecstatic

Seeing the radiant form of the Lord, Vibheeshanji’s eyes filled with tears of devotion and joy, and his hair stood on end, then slowly calming himself, he spoke sweetly


Nadh Dasanan kar mai bhrata/nisichar bams janam surtrata//

Sahaj pappriya tamas deha/jadha ulookahi tam par neha//

Hey Lord! I am the brother of Ravan, Hey Protector of the Gods! My birth was in the clan of Rakshasas

My nature is disposed to sins( papa) and my body is tamasic (having qualities and attributes associated with darkness or ‘tam’), like an owl is disposed to love darkness of the night



Shravan sujasu suni aayavu Prabhu bhanjan bhav bheer/

Traahi traahi aarathi haran saran sukhad Raghubeer//

I have come here after hearing with my ears that You, My Lord, removes all fear of birth and death ( bhav ka bhay)

Hey Raghunathji! Remover of the pains of the agonised, and the giver of joy to refugees, please protect me, please protect me!


As kahi karat dandavat dekha/turat ude Prabhu harash bisesha//

Deen bachan suni Prabhu mann bhaava/ bhuj bisaal gahi hridayam lagaava//

Vibheeshan did Danda namaskar( prostrated himself on the ground before the Lord) and seeing that, joyfully, SreeRamji got up

The Lord was deeply touched by the humble words of Vibheeshanji, he stretched his great arms and pulling him up, embraced Vibheeshanji close to his own heart




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