Dusht Sangh Jani Deyi Bidhaata(40): May The Divine Never Let You Be In The Company Of The Wicked


Vibheeshan talks to SreeRamji ( SundaraKanda continued)


Anuj sahit mili digg baidary/bole bachan bhagat bhayhary//

Kahu Lankes sahit parivara/kusal kudahar baas tumhara//

Lakshman too hugged Vibheeshan warmly, then making him sit closely by his side, SreeRamji spoke words which removed fear from the devotee’s heart

Hey Lankes!( Royal Lord of Lanka), tell me news about your family and others-however your dwelling place is not good


Khal mandali basahu din raati/sakha dharam nibahayi kehi bhaanti//

Mai janavu tumhari sab reethi/athi nay nipun na bhav aneethi//

You live amidst the wicked, day and night, ( considering that) how do you carry out your Dharmic duties, My Friend?

I know all about your behaviour and lifestyle, you are an expert in law and justice, you cannot tolerate injustice


Baru bhal baas narak kar tata/dusht sangh jani deyi bidhata//

Ab pad dekhi kusal Rahuraaya/jaum tumh keenhi jaani jan jaaya//

Hey Brother! Even the boon of staying in hell( narak) is fine, but let the Divine never give you the destiny of being in the company of the wicked

(Vibheeshanji said-) Hey Raghunathji! You have been compassionate to me, knowing that I am your servant, and I have been fortunate to see your divine feet( and consequently I am happy)



Tab lagy kusal na jeev kahu sapnehu mann bishraam/

Jab lagy bhajat na Ram kahu sok dham taji kaam//

A person will not be happy or attain peace even in his dreams, until

He lets go of every attachment to the tasks ( desire for material things) and meditates on SreeRamji ( while doing his task)


Tab lagy hridayam basat khal naana/lobh moh macchar madd maana//

Jab lagy ur na basat Raguhunatha/dharem chaap saayak kati bhatha//

Greed, Desire, Competition,Pride, Ego and rest of the evil attributes, will continue to reside within the heart until-

SreeRaghunathji wearing his quiver of arrows on his back, and holding his majestic bow deigns to reside in your heart


Mamta tarun sami andhiyaari/raag dwesh ulook sukhkaari//

Tab lagy basati jeev mann mahim/jab lagy Prabhu pratap rabi nahim//

It is a very loving, dark night that gives immense pleasure to the owls of desires and ego attachments( rag-dwesh roopi ulloo)

The dark night of attachments  continue to reside in the person’s heart until Your ( My Lord!) Sun of glory rises from within


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