Jaan Busundi Sambu Girijavu (41): As Known by Kaka Bhusundi, Lord Shiva and Ma Girija


Sree Ramji and Vibheeshan conversation ( Sundar Kand  Continued)


Ab mai kusal mitte bhay bhare/dekhi Ram pad kamal tumhare//

Tumh kripal jaa par anukoola/taahi na byap tribidhi bhav soola//

Hey Lord! After seeing your lotus feet, I am feeling wonderful, all my great fears have been removed

Hey Compassionate One! On whom you bestow your kindness, he escapes the three piercings  from the trident of worldly woes- spiritual, mental and physical


Mai nisichar ati adham subhavu/subh acharanu keenh nahim kavu//

Jaasu roop muni dhyan na aava/tehim Prabhu harashy hridayam mohi laava//

I am a very wicked Rakshasa, I have never conducted myself in the proper way

The One whose form is unattainable even in the meditations of sages, that great Lord himself , happily embraced me to his heart!



Ahobhagya mam amit ati Ram kripa sukh punj/

Dekhevu nayan biranchi siv sebya jugal pad kanj//

Hey incarnation of kindness and giver of utmost happiness! It is my supreme fortune( beyond any boundary) that-

I could see with my own eyes the beautiful twin lotus feet that is worshipped by both Lord Brahma and Lord Shiv


Sunahu sakha nij kahavu subhavu/jaan  Busundi, Sambhu Girijavu//

Jaum nar hoyi charachar drohi/aavai sabhay saran taki mohi//

( SreeRamji said-) Hey Friend! Listen, I will tell you about my nature, which is known to Kaka Bhushundi, Shivji and Ma Girija

Even if a person is an evil doer to the whole world, suppose he comes to me stricken with fear and seeking refuge-

(Note: Kaka Bhushundi is the crow who remembered who Sree Ram was in reality. He is supposed to have been the disciple of Ssage Lomash, cursed for being indolent and disrespectful. But he was given a boon that in all his births, he would remember the name of Ram )


Taji madd moh kapad cchal naana/karavu sangh tehi sadhu samaana//

Janani janak bandhu sut daara/tanu dhanu bhawan suhrid parivaara//

And if he gives up ego, desire and other forms of duplicity, then I shall  very soon make him equivalent to a sage

Mother, father, brother,son,woman, body, house, friend, and family-


Sab kai mamta taag batory/mam pad manahi baandh bari dory//

Samadarsy iccha kacchu nahim/harash sok bhay nahim mann mahim//

Whoever, gathers  all those affectionate attachments and the labels of love and puts them in a light raft and ties it to my feet(the one who makes Me the centre of all his worldly existence)

The one who possesses equanimity, who is free from extreme joy, sorrow or fear in his mind


As sajjan mam ur bas kaisem/lobhi hridayam basayi dhanu jaisem//

Tumh sarikhe sant priy modem/dharavu deh nahim aan nihorem//

That pure soul  dwells constantly in my heart, like money dwells within the heart of the avaricious

Saints like you are dear to me, I  do not assume the human form to oblige anyone else ( I assume the human form to protect  pure souls like you)


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