Koti Sindhu Soshak Tav Sayak(43): Your Single Arrow Can Cause A Crore of Oceans to Dry Up


SreeRamji gets ready to cross the ocean (SundarKanda Continued)


Jo sampati Siv Ravanhi deenhi diyem das madh/

Soyi sampata Bibheeshanahi sakuchi deenhi Raghunadh//

The property that Lord Shiv had given to Ravan when he sacrificed his ten heads

The same was granted by SreeRamji, gracefully to Vibheeshanji


As Prabhu cchady bhajahi je aana/the nar pasu binu pooch bishana//

Nij jan jaani taahi apnava/Prabhu subhav kapi kul Mann bhava//

Leaving such a supremely compassionate SreeRamji, when a person  worship other things( say, money, fame et al- anything other than the Lord), such a man is equivalent to an animal without horns or tail (ridiculous)

Recognising him as a true devotee, SreeRamji accepted Vibheeshan as his own, the monkey army was touched deeply by the Lord’s conduct


Puni sarbagya sarb ur baasi/sarbaroop sab rahit udaasi//

Bole bachan neeti pratipalak/karan manuj danuj kul khalak//

Then the omniscient One, present in everyone’s hearts, present in every entity, yet detached from all, born to protect His devotees

(Born ) And to destroy the clan of Rakshasas, spoke to ensure law in the universe-


Sunu kapees Lankapati beera/kehi bidhi taria jaladhi gambheera//

Sankul makar urag eesh jaati/ati agaadh dustar sabh bhaanti//

Hey valiant Sugreev and Vibheeshan, how will we cross the ocean of such great depths?

It is full of varieties of crocodiles, fish, snakes, and  it seems a very formidable task to cross such a huge ocean


Kah Lankes sunu Raghunayak/koti sindhu soshak tav saayak//

Jadapi tadapi neeti asi gaayi/binay karia sagar san jaayi//

Vibheeshan said, Hey Lord! Though a crore of oceans can be dried by your single arrow

Still, Justice says that( it is better that), first of all, You pray to the ocean itself



Prabhu tumhar kulgur jaladhi kahahi upay bichaari/

Binu prayas sagar tarihi sakal bhalu kapi dhaari//

Lord! The ocean is a revered anscestor of Your clan, it shall guide you to a solution

So that the army of bears and monkeys can cross it without any difficulty


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