Daiv Daiv Aalasy Pukara(44): Only The Indolent Cries God, God!


Laxman is annoyed (SundarKanda Continued)


Sakha kahi tumh neeki upayi/karia daiv jaum hoyi sahayi//

Mantra na yeh Lacchiman mann bhava/Ram bachan suni ati dukh paava//

(Sree Ramji said)Hey Friend! You have given the right solution,let us do it, the God of ocean will help

But his brother Laxman did not like Vibheeshan’s advice,he felt saddened by SreeRamji’s reply


Nadh daiv kar kavan bharosa/soshiya sindhu kariya mann rosa//

Kadar mann kahu ek adhaara/daiv daiv aalasy pukaara//

(Laxmanji said) Hey Lord! What is this reliance on the Gods? Bring  forth  your fury and burn the ocean down!

This ‘reliance on Gods’ is just an excuse for a cowardly mind, and only the lazy ones keep repeating God, God!


Sunat bihasi bole Raghubeera /aisehim karab dharahu mann dheera//

As kahi Prabhu anujahi samucchayi/sindhu sameep gaye Raghurayi//

Listening to his brother, SreeRamji laughed and said-Yes, I will do like you suggest, be calm and confident

Consoling his brother, he left the place moving closer to the ocean


Pradham pranam keenh siru nayi/baide puni tat darbh dasayi//

Jabahim Bibheeshanu Prabhu pahim aye/pacchem Ravan doot padaye//

SreeRamji first bowed before the ocean, then he spread out some grass(darbha) and sat down

Meanwhile, as  soon as Vibheeshan had left Lanka, Ravan had sent his spy to follow him



Sakal charit tinh dekhe dharem kapat kapi deh/

Prabhu gun hridayam sarahahim saranagat par neh//

The spy has assumed the form of a monkey and was watching all the leela(literally play)in front of him

In his heart he was praising the qualities of the Lord and His compassion for the one who sought refuge


Pragat bakhanahim Ram subhavu/athi saprem gaa bisari duravu//

Ripu ke doot kapinh tab jaane/sakal bandhim kapees pahim aane//

Then he forgot his artificial form and in his true form, started praising SreeRamji openly

The monkeys recognised him as a spy and binding him up they took him to Sugreev


Kah Sugreev sunanhu sab banar/ang bhang kari padavahu nisichar//

Suni Sugreev bachan kapi dhaye/baandhi katak chahu paas bhiraye//

Sugreev said- listen, monkeys! Cut the Rakshasa  into pieces and send him back

The monkeys raced to obey him, they tied the spy up and circled the army grounds with him


Bahu prakar maran kapi laage/deen pukarat tadapi na tyaage //

Jo hamar har naasa kaana/tehi Kosaladhees kai aana//

The monkeys started torturing him in various ways, he kept crying out pathetically, but they did not spare him

(Then the spy cried out loudly-) The one who cuts off my nose and ears, may he be fragrant with the Name of SreeRamji, Raja of Kosala


(Note: The spy took the name of the Lord, which has immediate effects!)

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