Bhay Binu Hoyi Na Preeti(48): Without Fear, There Is No Respect



The Fury of Lord Ram(SundarKanda Continued)



Binay na manat jaladhi jad gaye teeni din beeti/

Bole Ram sakop tab bhay hoyi binu na preeti//

Three days went by, but the indifferent ocean did not heed the humility of SreeRamji

Then the Lord became furious and said- Without fear, there is no respect!(To make certain people obey, fear has to be instilled within them)


Lacchiman baan sarasan aanu/Soshaum baridhi bisikh krisanu//

Sad sanu binay kutil san preety/sahaj kripan san sundar neeti//

Hey Laxman! Bring me my bow and arrows! I will dry up this ocean with the Agni baan (Fire Arrow)

Showing humility before a fool, showing grace to a wicked man, and  giving advice of generosity to a miser-


Mamta rat san gyan kahani/ati lobhi san birathi bakhani//

Krodhihi sam kamihi Harikadha/usar beej baye bhal jadha//

Telling a moral story to a man engrossed in sensuous pleasures, describing the merits of detachment to an extremely greedy man, speaking peace with an infuriated man, telling about the Lord to a materialistic man-all these are equivalent to sowing seeds in barren soil ( all these are futile efforts)


As kahi Raghupathy chhap chadava/yeh mat Lacchiman ke Mann bhava//

Sandhanevu Prabhu bisikh karala/udi udathi ur andar jwala//

Speaking thus, SreeRamji raised his bow,Laxman was in total agreement with this view

As the Lord took aim with his fearsome and mighty Fire Arrow, flames started emerging from within the heart of the ocean


Magar urag shash gan akulane/jarat janthu jalnidhi jab jaane//

Kanak dhar bhari mani gan nana/bipra roop aayavu taji maana//

Crocodiles, serpents, fishes all became agitated, when the Ocean found its inhabitants burning

Filling a golden bag with precious stones, in the guise of a Brahmin, it approached SreeRamji



Katehim payi kadari farai koti jatan kovu seench/

Binay na maan khagos sunu datehim payi nav neech//

(Kaka Bushundi says-): Hey Garudji! Even if you try a crore solutions ,the bananas still  need to be cut to ripen properly

The wicked man will not listen to politeness, he will listen only on getting punished( the evil person agrees to  your terms only   when he is intimidated by fear)


(Note: Reflecting on one’s own life, I realised how true SreeRamji’s words are: Sometimes one has to take up arms to defend and protect one’s own! Evil will not listen to grace or politeness- it understands only the language of fear! Wise counsel indeed.)

3 thoughts on “Bhay Binu Hoyi Na Preeti(48): Without Fear, There Is No Respect

  1. Once a teacher said- Durga has both sastra(texts of wisdom) and sastra (weapons) in her multiple hands as a lesson- when logic and persuasion fail to convince an evil doer- then you have to resort to use of strength.
    After all, as the saying goes: what is needed for evil to thrive is for the good to do nothing about it.


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