“Appearances to the mind are of four kinds.

Things either are what they appear to be;

or they neither are, nor appear to be;

or they are, and do not appear to be;

or they are not, and yet appear to be.

Rightly to aim in all these cases is the wise man’s task.”


There are four chairs on the lounge. The audience sees four people(gender irrelevant)- identified by four different coloured dresses.

DUMB :Is good, appears to be good.

DON’TCARE: Is not good, does not appear as good

OUTCAST: Is good, does not appear as good

SMART: Is not good , appears to be good


DUMB: I really have some problems! People call me Dumb! They say that I am transparent and trust easily. I mean what I say! What do I do to make myself more attractive?

OUTCAST: Ha! I question it all! I am the devil’s advocate! I burn when I see unfairness and foul play.

DON’TCARE: I don’t give a damn!

SMART: Learn from me! I have people eating out of my hands all the time!

(Bursts into song)

“Didn’t you notice the  little boy who copied your homework, (DUMBO!)

And took  credit from the teacher with a smirk?

That was me!

Didn’t you see the man who pledged eternal love to one, (OUTCAST!)

And was gallivanting with three others, one by day, two by night, having fun?

That was me!

Didn’t you see the old man who stole others’ money by hook and crook, (DON’TCARE!)

And went to his graveyard,  with golden  teeth, and a beaming look?

That was me!

So popular with the girls, bad me, looking so good!

(Psst- Some fell for it, should have run if they could! )

So loved by one and all, buying drinks, toasting my kids!

(Psst- I do not know their ages, must be dead or alive somewhere, by all bids!)

I  always said Yes, when I should have said No!

I was loved by bosses who never got to reproach- Oh!

I acted, pretended, attended, gallivanted-

Inveigled, soothed, seduced, never wanted!

Oh, learn from me-DUMBO!

Show the world, what it wants to see, no Mumbo Jumbo!

Oh, pick up a lesson, OUTCAST!

Pretense is the way to scale the ladder, fast!

Oh, don’t be a darn fool, DON’TCARE!

Everyone cares to be popular, even you do, silly bear!

Be bad, be proud to be bad, but never  should you showwwwww!”

(Puffs a cigar!)

DUMBO: I will get indigestion if I do all that, pal!

OUTCAST: I forgive her now, but not you!

DON’T CARE: You are so damn stupid, smart! Golden teeth inside a graveyard, hmmm, that is an interesting news!


Lights dim out. The trees collapse, waves rise, volcanoes explode, animal figures run around the stage in panic!

A voice is heard :


To the inhabitants of this planet, where they have let SMART people run the show!

Your planet is a big mess! Everything is topsy turvy! You have poisoned your resources! Everything is now a big show and dance- too many flash lights and too less introspection! In this race to be  SMART, to feel SMART, to act  SMART, to live and breathe and die SMART-All you are left with is- gold and teeth!

Please click a selfie when the planet collapses under all the accumulated lies of living! We will frame it and bury it with the last golden teeth.


The escapees:

Of the bloodlines of DUMB, OUTCAST and a few DON’TCARE who reneged!


( Note: Inspired by daily life)



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