Sugreev Speaks -9

Kah Sugreev sunahu Raghubeera/ Bali mahabal ati randheera//

Dundubhi asti tal dekhraye/Binu prayas Raghunath dahaye//

Sugreev said- My Lord! Bali is very strong and very ferocious a warrior. He showed SriRamji the skeleton of Dundubhi rakshasa( whom Bali had hurled from his palace when he challenged Bali in the form of a buffalo) The Lord destroyed it effortlessly.


Dekhi amit bal baadi preeti/ Bali badhab inh bhai parteeti//

Bar bar navayi pad seesa/Prabhuhi jaani man harash kapeesa//

Seeing SriRamji’s extraordinary strength Sugreev felt very happy and he was very sure that Bali would be killed by the Lord. He bowed at SriRamji’s feet and was full of joy due to the turn of events which led him to the Lord.


Upaja gyan bachan tab bola/ Nadh kripa man bhayavu alola/

Sukh sampati parivar badayi/ Sab parihari karihavu sevakayi//

When he became aware( when he was graced with wisdom)he said- Lord, due to your blessings, my mind has become calm. Leaving aside luxury, prosperity, family and  ego, I will devote myself to your service.


Eh sab Ramnhagati ke badhak/ Kahahim sant tav pad avaradhak//

Satru mitra sukh dukh jag mahim/ Mayakrit paramarath nahim//

All the pure souls who worship your divine feet say that all these( luxury, prosperity et al) are barriers to devotion. All the dualities that we see in this world( enemy- friend, joy and sorrow etc.,) are all  creations of  Maya . These are not real.



The Lord Reassures Sugreev-8



Sunu Sugreev marihau Balihi ekahim baan/

Brahma Rudra saranagat gaye na ubarihi praan//

The Lord said: ‘Listen, Sugreev! I shall kill Bali with a single arrow. His life cannot be saved even if he approaches Brahma or Rudra.’


Je na mitra dukh hohim dukhari/ Tinhahi bilokat patak bhari//

Nij dukh giri sam raj kari jaana/Mitrak dukh raj meru samaana//

The one who is not pained by his friend’s pain, is not worthy.( It is a sin to see such a person ) The  true friend views his own mountain like trouble like a speck of dust and the dust like pain of his friend like a huge mountain.


Jinh kem asi mati sahaj na aayi/Te sad kat hadi karat mitayi//

Kripadh nivari supandh chalava/ Gun pragatai avagunaninh durava//

Those who are incapable of such discernment by nature, why should they try to make friends at all? It is the dharma of a friend that he stops one from going down the wrong path and point out the correct way. He should help the best qualities to grace his friend and the bad qualities to take a back seat.


Det let man sank na dharayi/ Bal anuman sada hit karayi//

Bipati kal kar satgun neha/ Shruti kah sant mitra gun eha//

He will have no doubts in his mind during any giving or taking with his friend.( His interactions are pure). He will always do the best as per his capability for his friend. During times of adversity he shall love  his friend a hundred times more than usual. (Stand lovingly by his side) The Vedas proclaim that the signs of a superior friend are these.


Aagem kah mridu bachan banayi/Pachem anahit man kutilayi//

Jakar chit ahi gati sam bhai/ As kumitra pariharehim bhalayi//

The one who will approach you sweetly and pretend to be very nice but bitterly backbite you in your absence(  gossip about you behind your back), the one who is wicked in reality, and his mind is crooked like a serpent’s path- it is better to forgo such a person ( bad friend) from your life!


Sevak sad nrip kripan kunary/ Kapati mitra sool sam chary//

Sakha such tyagahu bal morem/ Sab bidhi ghatab kaj mai torem//

A foolish servant,  a miserly king,  a treacherous woman, and a deceitful friend- these four hurt grievously like a sharp spear.Hey Friend! You leave your worries to me now. I will help you in all ways.



Sugreev Tells His Story-7, Kishkindha Kanda


Nath Bali aru mai dvou bhai/ Preeti rahi kacchu barni na jayi//

Maysut Mayavi tehi navu/ Aava so Prabhu hamare gavu//

Sugreev said: ‘Hey Lord! Bali and I are brothers. We loved each other beyond description. The son of asura Maya, called Mayavi once came to our place.’


Arth rati pur dwar pukara/ Bali ripu bal sahayi na para//

Dhava Bali dekhi so bhaga/ Mai puni gayavu bandhu sangh laaga//

He challenged us in the middle of the night outside the city gates. Bali could not endure that taunt. He ran outside and Mayavi fled. I too accompanied my brother.


Giribar guham paid so jaayi/Tab Balim mohi kaha buchayi//

Parikhesu mohi ek pakhvara/Nahim avaim tab janesu maara//

Mayavi entered into a cave by the mountain side. Then Bali told me: ‘ You wait for me for fifteen days. If I do not return till then, understand that I have died,’


Mas diwas tah rahevu kharari/ Nisri rudhidhar dhar tah bhari//

Bali hatesu mohi marihi aayi/ Sila deyi tah chalevu parayi//

Hey Kharari! ( Enemy of Khar) He did not return  even after a month. Then a heavy stream of blood emerged from the cave. I thought that Mayavi had murdered Bali and would come to kill me. I covered the face of the cave with a boulder and fled from the place.


Mantrinh pur dekha binu sayim/Deenehu mohi raj bariaayi//

Bali tahi maari grih aava/Dekhi mohi jiyam bhed badava//

The ministers compelled me to take the throne of the king less territory.Then Bali returned after killing Mayavi. Seeing me seated on the throne, he was enraged beyond words. ( He thought that I had intentionally blocked the cave to kill him and usurped the kingdom.)


Ripu sam mohi maresi ati bhari/ Hari leenhesi sarbasu aru nari//

Takem bhay Raghubeer kripala/Sakal bhuvan mai bhirevu bihala//

He fought with me like a bitter enemy ( He hurt me) k away everything, including my woman.

Hey Compassionate Lord! Terrorised by him, I have been wandering all over the world.


Iham sap bas aavat nahim/ Tadapi sabheet rahavu man mahim//

Suni sevak dukh Deendayala/ Pharki udi dvau bhuja bisala//

‘Due to the curse of Matanga, Bali could not step foot on Rishyamook mountain, and hence I decided to stay here.’ On hearing his servant’s unhappy story, SriRamji’s got up, the muscles flexing in his arms.( He was perturbed by the pain of Sugreev.)



Sugreev Recollects Seeing Sitaji-Kishkindha Kanda 6


Keenhi preeti kacchu beech na rakha/ Lachhiman Ram charit sab bhasha//

Kah Sugreev nayan bhari baari/ Milihi nadh MithilesKumari//

Both became friends from their hearts, nothing was hidden within. Then Laxman narrated SriRamji’s story. Sugreev became teary-eyed and said-‘ Oh Lord! The Princesss of Mithila shall be found.’


Mantrinh sahit iham ek baara/Baid rahevu maim karat bichara//

Gagan pandh dekhi mai jaata/Parbas pari bahut bilpata//

“Once I was sitting here with my ministers, and contemplating on certain matters. Then I had seen Sitaji in the custody of the enemy, wailing in distress, as they travelled through the skies.”


Ram Ram Ha Ram pukari/Hamahi dekhi deenehu pat dari//

Magaa Ram turat tehim deenha/Pat ur laayi soch ati keenha//

“She was crying ‘Ram Ram Ha Ram!’ Seeing us, she dropped a piece of cloth.” Lord Ram asked Sugreev for that cloth. On receiving it, he hugged it close to his heart and became lost in sad thoughts.


Kah Sugreev sunahu Raghubeera/ Tajahu soch man aanahu dheera//

Sab prakar karihavu sevakai/Jehi bidhi milihi Janaki aayi//

Sugreev said- “Hey Raghubeer! Forgo your sad thoughts and calm your mind. I shall serve you in every possible way so that we can retrieve Janakiji.”



Sakha bachan suni harashe kripasindhu balseev/

Karan kavan basahu ban mohi kahahu Sugreev//

The sea of  compassion and the epitome of strength- SriRamji- became joyous on hearing these words. Then he asked: ‘Tell me Sugreev, why are you staying in these forests?’



Hanumanji Introduces Sugreev -5 ( Kishkindha Kanda)


Dekhi pavansut pati anukoola/ Hridayam harash beeti sab soola//

Nadh sail par kapipati rahayi/So Sugreev  das tav ahayi//

Seeing the Lord’s compassion, happiness filled Hanuman’s heart and all his agonies disappeared.( He said) ‘ Lord, in this mountain dwells King Sugreev, and he is your loyal servant.’


Tehi san nadh mayatri keeje/Deen jaani tehi abhay kareeje//

So Sita kar khoj karayihi/ Jah tah markat koti padayihi//

Hey Lord! Please become friends with him. And knowing that he is suffering, make him fearless with your companionship. He will search for Sitaji and send out crores of monkeys in that mission everywhere.


Ehi bidhi sakal katha samuchayi/ Liye duvau jan peedi chadayi//

Jab Sugreeva Ram kahu dekha/Atisay janma dhanya kari lekha//

Telling them the whole story, Hanumanji made SriRamji and Laxman sit on his gigantic shoulders. When Sugreev saw SreeRamji, he considered that his birth had become finally successful. ( Seeing the Lord had made his  existence  worthy and meaningful.)


Sadar milevu nayi pad madha/ Bhetevu anuj sahit Raghunadha//

Kapi kar man bichar ehi reeti/Karihahim bidhi mo san e preeti//

Sugreev bowed before Sriramji’s feet and greeted him with great respect. The Lord hugged them all close to his heart. Sugreev was wondering in his heart- Will this divine prince consider me worthy of his friendship?



Tab Hanumant ubhay disi ki sab katha sunayi/

Pavak sakhi deyi kari jori preeti dridayi//

Then Hanumanji narrated to SriRamji and Sugreev the other’s story, and making Fire as the holy witness, pledged their friendship to each other.


Hanumanji Is Consoled By The Lord-4 ( Kishkindha Kanda)


Jadapi nadh bahu avagun morem/Sevak prabhuhi parai jani bhorem//

Nadh jeev tav mayam moha/So nistarayi tumharehim choha//

Hey Lord! Although I have so many weaknesses, I wish that You had not forgotten me.( The Master may kindly remember his servant) Dear Lord, all the beings are caught up in  the thrall of Your Maya. Only through Your blessings can we attain moksha.


Ta par mai Raghubir dohayi/Janavu nahim kacchu bhajan upayi//

Sevak sut pati matu bharosem/ Rahayi asoch banayi Prabhu posem//

About that, let me take your oath My Lord- I know nothing of prayer and meditation! The servant stays unconcerned due to his Master’s presence like a child with his mother. The Master has to take care of his servant.


As kahi parevu charan akulayi/ Nij tanu pragati preeti ur chaayi//

Tab Raghupati udayi ur laava/ Nij lochan jal seenchi judaava//

Saying thus, Hanuman fell weeping at SriRamji’s feet. He took on his original form. Then SriRamji lifted him up and hugged him close to his heart. The divine tears from the Lord’s eyes cooled Hanuman’s agony.


Sunu kapi jiyam manasi jani oona / Taim mam priya Lacchiman te doona//

Samadarsy mohi kah sab kovu/Sevak priya anyagati sovu//

The Lord said: ‘Listen, do not feel sad. To me, you are twice as dear as Laxman himself. Everyone mentions that I am samadarsy- that no one is very dear to me nor unpleasant.( Everyone is equal in my eyes) However, the servant is particularly beloved to me : because,  but for Me, he has no other refuge.’



So ananya jakem asi mati na tarayi Hanumant/

Mai sevak sacharachar roop swami bhagwant//

‘And Hanuman! The unique one is he, who is aware that he is the servant and the whole universe is a manifestation of His Lord.’


Hanumanji Recognises His Master-3 (Kishkinda Kand Continued…)



Jag karan taran bhav bhanjan dharni bhar/

Ki tumh akhil bhuwan pati leenh manuj avatar//

Or You might be Bhagwan himself:  the reason of all existence and master of all beings-who has taken the human avatar to alleviate the heavy burden of evil doers on this earth,  and to help us all to cross the sea of existential pains.( Are you Bhagwan himself? Hanumanji queries.)


Kosales Dasrath ke jaye/ Hum pitu bachan maani ban aaye//

Naam Ram Lacchiman dvau bhai /Sang naari sukumari suhayi//

( Lord Ram said-) We are the sons of  Dasrath-the King of Kosala. We have obeyed  our father ‘s words to reach these forests. We are named Ram and Laxman, and we were accompanied by a beautiful lady.


Iham hari nisichar Baidehi/Bipra firahim hum khojat tehi//

Aapan charit kaha humgaayi/Kahahu bipra nij katha buchaayi//

Here, in these forests, the rakshasas  stole (my wife) Vaidehi. Hey, Brahmin! We are wandering about in search of her. We have told you our story. Now, you tell us yours.


Prabhu pahichaani parevu gahi charna/ So sukh Uma jaayi nahim barna//

Pulakit tan mukh aav na bachna/Dekhat ruchir besh kai rachna//

Recognising the Lord, Hanuman clutched  His feet and fell on the ground( He did danda namaskar).( Lord Shiv says: )’Hey Uma! That happiness is beyond words (ineffable).His body is thrilled, words cannot escape his mouth.Hanuman is gazing at the beautiful form of His Lord.’


Puni dheeraju dhari astuthy keenhi/ Harash hridayam nij nadhahi cheenhi//

Mor nyavu mai poocha sayim / Tumh poochahu kas nar ki nayim//

Then Hanuman composed himself and praised the Lord, his heart was filled with jubilance on recognising his Master. ( Then Hanumanji said) Hey Lord, my asking was justified, but how come You are asking like a mere human being?

( I saw You after the lapse of aeons, and that too clad in the dress of a sanyasi,  I failed to recognise you and according to my monkey-brains, I asked you about yourself! But Lord, You are You! How come you are asking this monkey to narrate his story?)


Tav maya bas firvu bhulana/ Ta te mai nahim Prabhu pahichana//

I am  meandering through the world dazed by Your Maya- and consequently did not recognise my own Master!



Eku mai mand mohbas kutil hriday agyan/

Puni prabhu mohi bisarevu Deenbandhu bhagwan//

First, I am a dullard; second, I am a victim of Maya( illusion), third, my heart is wicked and ignorant. And now, My Compassionate Lord! It seems You too have forgotten me!



Hanumanji Approaches The Brothers… 2( Kishkindha Kanda Continued…)


Jarat sakal sur brindh bisham garal jehim pan kiya/

Tehi an bhajasi man mandh ko kripal Sankar sarisa//

Hey my dullard mind! Why don’t you meditate on Shiv- the one who willingly drank the dreaded Halahal Poison to end the agony of the Devas (who were burning due its poisonous fumes?)

Who else is as compassionate as Him?


Aagem chal bahuri Raghuraya/Rishyamuk parbat niaraya//

Tah rah sachiv sahit Sugreeva/Aavat dekhi atul bal seemva//

SriRamji walked onwards. He reached near Rishyamuk mountain. There, Sugreev was staying along with his ministers. On seeing the radiant and strong young men…


Ati sabheet kah sunu Hanumana/Purush jugal bal roop nidhana//

Dhari batu roop dekhu teim jaayi/Kahesu jaani jiyam sayan buchayi//

A terrified Sugreev said thus: Listen, Hanuman! These young men epitomise beauty and strength. Disguise yourself as a Brahmin and go to them, understand the reason of their arrival( find the truth) and convey that to me through your gestures.


Padaye Bali hohim mann maila/Bhagaum turat tajaum yeh saila//

Bipra roop dhari kapi tah gayavu/Madh nayi poochat as bhayavu//

If these are men sent by Bali- the one whose mind is polluted- then I shall leave this mountain immediately. On hearing these words, Hanumanji approached SriRamji in the guise of a Brahmin and enquired thus:


Ko tumh syamal gaur sareera/Chattri roop firahu ban beera//

Kadin bhoomi komal pad gaami/Kavan hetu bicharahu ban swami//

Hey valiant ones !In dusky and fair hues,  looking like Kshatriyas, you are roaming around these forests. Who are you?

Hey Swami! Your soft feet are traversing these tough terrains; why are you wandering through the forests in this manner?


Mridul manohar sundar gaata/Sahat dusah ban aatap baata//

Ki tumh teeni dev mah kovu/Nar Narayan ki tumh dovu//

Your beautiful, attractive forms enchant the mind. You are enduring the intolerable heat and air of these forests. Are you Brahma, Shiv or Vishnu-or are you Nar and Narayan?


A Step At A Time…


The last few chapters arrive for correction. The artist has done a spectacular job. As I edit, snipping a word here, adding a comma there, I stare at the divine pictures.

The journey has come to an end: Sundar Kanda- 156 pages, 50 chapters.  And quietly a book is born.  The end is  actually a beginning. As always in life.

But I cannot leave Hanumanji alone. The journey with Him has changed my life. How can I let go now- when the joy of describing everything about Him has got me addicted? It is like inhaling camphor in the temple. So I promise myself that the next book on Him is going to be Kishkindha Kand. The thought energises me. Another journey to look forward to. Great!

What have I learnt in the presently concluded one? That I am never alone. That the shield of divine protection encompasses me and my loved ones at all times. That one can achieve seemingly impossible tasks with His blessings. That detachment  is not just a philosophy but a very strongly protected forcefield. If the focus is on Him, everything meaningless falls on the wayside- what remains is what is meant to remain. Fair enough for this life journey.