Hanumanji Approaches The Brothers… 2( Kishkindha Kanda Continued…)


Jarat sakal sur brindh bisham garal jehim pan kiya/

Tehi an bhajasi man mandh ko kripal Sankar sarisa//

Hey my dullard mind! Why don’t you meditate on Shiv- the one who willingly drank the dreaded Halahal Poison to end the agony of the Devas (who were burning due its poisonous fumes?)

Who else is as compassionate as Him?


Aagem chal bahuri Raghuraya/Rishyamuk parbat niaraya//

Tah rah sachiv sahit Sugreeva/Aavat dekhi atul bal seemva//

SriRamji walked onwards. He reached near Rishyamuk mountain. There, Sugreev was staying along with his ministers. On seeing the radiant and strong young men…


Ati sabheet kah sunu Hanumana/Purush jugal bal roop nidhana//

Dhari batu roop dekhu teim jaayi/Kahesu jaani jiyam sayan buchayi//

A terrified Sugreev said thus: Listen, Hanuman! These young men epitomise beauty and strength. Disguise yourself as a Brahmin and go to them, understand the reason of their arrival( find the truth) and convey that to me through your gestures.


Padaye Bali hohim mann maila/Bhagaum turat tajaum yeh saila//

Bipra roop dhari kapi tah gayavu/Madh nayi poochat as bhayavu//

If these are men sent by Bali- the one whose mind is polluted- then I shall leave this mountain immediately. On hearing these words, Hanumanji approached SriRamji in the guise of a Brahmin and enquired thus:


Ko tumh syamal gaur sareera/Chattri roop firahu ban beera//

Kadin bhoomi komal pad gaami/Kavan hetu bicharahu ban swami//

Hey valiant ones !In dusky and fair hues,  looking like Kshatriyas, you are roaming around these forests. Who are you?

Hey Swami! Your soft feet are traversing these tough terrains; why are you wandering through the forests in this manner?


Mridul manohar sundar gaata/Sahat dusah ban aatap baata//

Ki tumh teeni dev mah kovu/Nar Narayan ki tumh dovu//

Your beautiful, attractive forms enchant the mind. You are enduring the intolerable heat and air of these forests. Are you Brahma, Shiv or Vishnu-or are you Nar and Narayan?



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