Hanumanji Is Consoled By The Lord-4 ( Kishkindha Kanda)


Jadapi nadh bahu avagun morem/Sevak prabhuhi parai jani bhorem//

Nadh jeev tav mayam moha/So nistarayi tumharehim choha//

Hey Lord! Although I have so many weaknesses, I wish that You had not forgotten me.( The Master may kindly remember his servant) Dear Lord, all the beings are caught up in  the thrall of Your Maya. Only through Your blessings can we attain moksha.


Ta par mai Raghubir dohayi/Janavu nahim kacchu bhajan upayi//

Sevak sut pati matu bharosem/ Rahayi asoch banayi Prabhu posem//

About that, let me take your oath My Lord- I know nothing of prayer and meditation! The servant stays unconcerned due to his Master’s presence like a child with his mother. The Master has to take care of his servant.


As kahi parevu charan akulayi/ Nij tanu pragati preeti ur chaayi//

Tab Raghupati udayi ur laava/ Nij lochan jal seenchi judaava//

Saying thus, Hanuman fell weeping at SriRamji’s feet. He took on his original form. Then SriRamji lifted him up and hugged him close to his heart. The divine tears from the Lord’s eyes cooled Hanuman’s agony.


Sunu kapi jiyam manasi jani oona / Taim mam priya Lacchiman te doona//

Samadarsy mohi kah sab kovu/Sevak priya anyagati sovu//

The Lord said: ‘Listen, do not feel sad. To me, you are twice as dear as Laxman himself. Everyone mentions that I am samadarsy- that no one is very dear to me nor unpleasant.( Everyone is equal in my eyes) However, the servant is particularly beloved to me : because,  but for Me, he has no other refuge.’



So ananya jakem asi mati na tarayi Hanumant/

Mai sevak sacharachar roop swami bhagwant//

‘And Hanuman! The unique one is he, who is aware that he is the servant and the whole universe is a manifestation of His Lord.’


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