Bored. Oh, Really?


Three children with muscular dystrophy, and struggling to have access to a toilet! Can you believe it?

My work has led me to believe that any act of reaching out, is like God smiling that day. And God smiled today too. There was a good person, who promised us to coordinate the needful. The children will have their dignity restored soon enough.

When life overwhelms you with boredom, I request you to do a quick assessment of how you can be God’s smile for that day. I promise you that you will not get bored. It is an affliction which strikes us  only when are obsessed about ourselves.

A group of women who make exquisite products out of  reusable things: such beauty from nothing! They need help in marketing. Maybe your gift lies in networking. Reach out…they are present  where you live…

Children from shelter homes need care, financial support and vocational education. Someone who can build them a library, teach music and arts….Can you volunteer your time? Reach out….they are present in your city…

Environment friendly initiatives…an NGO struggling to clean a river. They need sensitive volunteers. Contribute one hour. They need you …Reach out…the river flows nearby…

Disabled people want dignified employment. Differently abled children need special schools. Can you help in any way? Reach out…perhaps a mile away from you is someone in need…

One set of  school uniform,  and a bedridden father with two motherless daughters who go to school. One wears it one day, while the other stays at home. No fiction, but simple truth. Until one day, someone reached out and got a journalist to cover their story. Help poured in. Today, both attend school regularly.

So many opportunities to serve.

Next time you get bored, do me a favour. Reach out…be that someone who makes a change. I bet you will smile better.


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