1. Less

Bad words, bad man

Bad tears?

Trying to get at your jugular

Stop you from breathing, creating!

Why give a bad word, a bad man

Such importance?

(Tears should spring from joy, by the way !)

I have found the antidote!

Good words, good man,

Good, wholesome laughter!

So I have removed ‘fear’ from my lexicon

And instead added a word with ‘less’ in it:


Great, isn’t it?

What less of a bad thing can do to  one’s life?


2.  A Visitor

She told me in my dream that she cared deeply,

That loving soul.

‘Did you feel pain’, I asked.

‘No, I was reading as usual and then a

Strong wind blew…

That is all I know, my dear!’

I heard that bubbling laughter again

That loving, gracious face again.

‘I will give you enough money to bring up

Your children, ‘ she said.

Before I could answer, she took out a blue

Purse, check pattern all over

And started counting coins!

‘To know that you are watching over me

That is all I need,’ I wanted to tell her.

When I woke up, I had a smile

On my face.

Next birth, we will meet again,

Most beloved woman.

















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