The rain speaks a million tongues…

Another book is born…Gratitude to Prof.Veerankutty for allowing me to translate some of his wonderful poems.




2 thoughts on “The rain speaks a million tongues…

  1. Dear Ministhy S,          ONAM GREETINGS!!!              I have no words to thank you for the birth of the new book .You have done  wonderful effort to translate poems beautifully and to get a publisher to publish it.You are the one and only army behind this poetic venture!Thank you once again.          Please convey my gratitude to Mr.Sanjay and other  leaders of Nageen Prakasan. The book is printed in color pages with high quality paper with utmost care.It is not easy to get such an attention from production wing for poetry books today.I think it is a special gift for you from your own publisher!Thanks to the publishing wing of Nageen prakasan.   Kerala is gradually recovering from the heavy rain disaster.We are all working together for the re rehabilitation of the effected people and the reconstruction process.    Lovninglyveeran kutty 


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