Kishkinda Kanda…Continued..19


Dekhiat chakrabak khag naahim/ Kalihi payi jimi dharm paraahim//

Usar brashayi trin nahim jaama/ Jimi harijan hiyam upaj na kaama//

One cannot sight the Chakravak bird anywhere; it has fled like Dharma in Kaliyug!

In a barren land, in spite of the heavy rains, not even a shoot of grass sprouts. The analogy is of a devotee of Hari, whose mind is unmoved by desires.


Bibidh janthu sankul mahi braaja/ praja baad jimi payi suraaja//

 Jah tah rahe padhik dhaki naana/Jimi indriya gan upajem gyaana//

The earth looks splendid with variety of flora and fauna.  It is like a prosperous kingdom where the citizens thrive with good governance.

One can see many travelers resting by the wayside, all enervated. It reminds one of how- by gaining an inner awakening- the tendency of the senses to be beguiled by sensualities cease.



Kabahu diwas mah nibid tam kabahuk  pragat patang/

Binsai upajai gyan jimi payi kusangh susangh//

Sometimes (due to rainclouds), even in daytime it becomes greatly dark, and sometimes the sun appears;

It is akin to wisdom disappearing in the companionship of the wicked, and reappearing in that of the good.



Kabahu prabal bah marut jah tah megh bilahim/

Jimi kapoot ke upajem kul saddharm nasaahim//

Sometimes due to a violent storm, the clouds vanish from sight;

When an evil progeny is born in a family, the fame and name of the clan soon disappears.


Barsha bigat sarad ritu aayi/ Lachiman dekhahu param suhayi//

Bhoolem kaas sakal mahi chaayi/ Janu barshaam krit pragat budayi//

Hey Lakshman! Look, the rains have receded and the beautiful Sharad season (autumn) has arrived. The white petals of the Kaas are covering the earth.

It seems as if the rainy season has announced its old age by showering the -white hair like- swirls of Kaas flowers.

Note: Month of Sharad refers to August-October period encompassing the months of Bhadrapada and Ashwin


Udit Agasthy pandh jal sosha/ Jimi lobhahi soshayi santhosha//

Sarita sar nirmal jal soha/ Santh hriday jas gat mad moha//

Like the rising of the Star Agastya calms the turbulent waters, the heart is calmed by happiness and greed is removed;

The waters of the rivers and lakes are radiant like the hearts of sages-free of lust and desires.

Note: Star Canopus aka Agastya is called ‘The cleanser of the waters ‘.


Ras ras sookh sarith sar pani/ Mamta tyag karahim jimi gyani//

Jaani sarad ritu khanjan aaye/ Paayi samay jimi sukrit suhaaye//

The waters of the river and ponds are drying up slowly. It is akin to a mature person giving up attachments.

The wagtail has appeared heralding the autumn. It is like the advent of auspicious tidings.


Pank na renu soh asi dharni/ Niti nipun nrip kai jasi karni//

Jal sankoch bikal fai meena/ Abudh kutumbi jimi dhanheena//

There is neither clay nor dust; earth is resplendent like the deeds of a righteous ruler.

Due to lack of water, the fishes are troubled; like the foolish householder gets worried over lack of money.


Binu dhan nirmal soh akaasa/ Harijan iva parihari sab aasa//

Kahu kahu brishti saardi dhori/ Kovu ek paav bhagati jimi mori//

Without the inkling of any cloud, the sky is so pristine in appearance. It is similar to how the devotees of God are radiant when they give up worldly desires.

The autumnal rains are falling in very few places; similarly very few attain true devotion to me in their lives.


Doha :

Chale harashi taji nagar nrip tapas banik bhikhari/

Jimi haribhagati payi shram tajahim ashrami chari//

(At the onset of the month of Sarad) Raja, sanyasi, merchant and beggar, in search of victory, salvation, commerce and bhiksha respectively, have left the city.

It is like the bhaktas of SriHari- engaged in the four Dharmic ashramas of Brahmacharya, Grihastya, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa – are detachedly doing their duties while devoted  to the Lord.


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