Kishkinda Kanda…20 The fishes in the depths…


Sukhi meen je neer agadha/ Jimi Hari saran na ekavu badha//

Phoolem kamal soh sar kaisa/ Nirgun Brahma sagun bhaiye jaisa//

Those fishes which are swimming in the depths of the waters are safe; like the devotees of Sri Hari who are hindered by nothing.

The blooming lotus makes the lake glorious; the Nirgun Brahma ( neither good or bad qualities) becomes magnificent on attaining Saguna ( good qualities)


Gunjat madhukar mukhar anoopa/ Sundar khag rav nana roopa//

Chakrabak man dukh nisi pekhi/ Jimi durjan par sampati dekhi//

The honey bees are buzzing around making unique sounds. The beautiful birds can be heard making multitude of cooing sounds.

On seeing the night the Chakravaka bird (Brahmini Goose) is so unhappy; like the envious person is filled with misery on seeing another’s prosperity!

Note: The Chakravaka bird pair is supposed to fly together during the day and separate at night owing to a curse.


Chatak ratath trisha athi ohi/ Jimi sukhi lahai na sankardrohi//

Sardatap nisi sasi apaharayi/ Sant daras jimi patak tarayi//

The Chatak bird is calling out as if in throes of thirst.  It is akin to those foes of  Lord Shiv shrieking helplessly for peace.

The fierce heat of the Sarad is conquered by the cool moon at night. It is similar to sins disappearing at the sight of saints.

Note: Papiha or Chatak bird is the common hawk-cuckoo also known as the brain-fever bird for its incessant piping notes.


Dekhi indu chakor samudai/ Chitavahi jimi harijan hari paayi//

Masak dams beete him traasa/ Jimi dwij droh kiyem kul naasa//

The group of Chakor birds is gazing at the moon with such intensity which brings to mind the devotees of Hari getting a darsan of Lord Vishnu himself!

The mosquitoes and night bugs have fled in terror of the impending cold. If one troubles an evolved being, the whole clan can come to nought.

Note: Chakor bird or Chukar patridge is famed to be in love with the moon. Poets sing about its unrequited love and how it drinks the moon beams!



Bhumi jeev sankul rahe gaye sarad ritu paayi/

Sadgur mile jaahi jimi samsay bhram samudayi//

The flurry   of living organisms which thrived in the rainy season has disappeared at the onset of the autumn.

It is akin to the clutter of doubts and queries disappearing  when one gains a true Guru.


Barsha gat nirmal ritu aayi/ Sudhi na tat sita kai paayi//

Ek baar kaisehu sudhi janau/ Kalahu jeeti nimish mahu aanau//

(Lord Ram says) ‘The monsoons have gone; the serene autumn has set in. Yet there is no news about the whereabouts of Sitaji.

If one gets any clue about the location, I will fight the Lord of Death, Kaal himself and bring Janakiji back in a moment!’


Katahu rahau jaum jeevit hoyi/ Tat jatan kari aanau soyi//

Sugreevahu sudhi mori bisaari/ Paava raj kos pur naari//

‘If she is alive and living on any part of the world, I shall endeavour to bring her back, brother!

Sugreev has forgotten my request for his assistance since obtaining his kingship,  the treasury, the city and the woman.’






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