Kishkinda Kanda…Using the same arrow…21


Jehi sayak maara mai Baali/ Tehi sar hatau mood kah kaali//

Jaasu kripa chutahi mad moha/ Ta kahu Uma ki sapnehu koha//

‘Using the same arrow  with which I killed Bali, shall I finish off that foolish Sugreeva too?’

(Lord Shiv says) ‘Hey Uma! The One with whose grace, the mind evades the clutch of   ego and desires, can He ever become angry even in his dreams?’ (This is mere Lila or the Divine Game)


Jaanahim yeh charitra muni gyaani/ Jinh Raghubeer charan rati maani//

Lacchiman krodhvanth Prabhu jaana/ Dhanush chadayi gahe kar baana//

Only learned sages whose hearts are surrendered at the Lord’s feet have fathomed the secrets of the divine Lila.

On seeing his furious brother, Laxman sprang up, battle ready with his bow and quiver of arrows.



Tan anujahi samuchava Raghupati karuna seenv/

Bhay dekhayi lai avahu tat sakha Sugreev//

The Lord of Compassion then made Laxman understand that to kill Sugreev was not his aim.

‘Bring Sugreev to me, after showing him the meaning of fear!’


Iham pavansut hridayam bichara/ Ram kaju Sugreevah bisara//

Nikat jaayi charanahi siru naava/ Chaarahi bidhi tehi kahi samuchaava//

In Kishkinda, Hanumanji was getting worried that Sugreeva had forgotten about the task assigned by Lord Ram.

He went to the King and bowed at his feet. By elaborating on the four ways of justice (Sam, daan, bhed, danda) he tried to bring Sugreev to his senses.


Suni Sugreev param bhay maana/ Bishaya mor hari leenhevu gyaana//

Ab marutsut doot samooha/ Padavahu jah tah banar jooha//

Hearing Hanumanji’s words, Sugreeva became terrified. (He said) ‘Sensual pleasures made me blind! (I forgot my duty). Please send our messengers to wherever our monkey allies reside!’


Kahahu paakh mahu aav na joyi/ Morem kar ta kar badh hoyi//

Tab Hanumant bolaye doota/ Sab kar kari sanman bahoota//

(Sugreeva said) ‘Warn the messengers that those who do not return within fifteen days shall meet their ends at my hands.’

Hanuman called the messengers to his side. He showed them a great deal of respect.


Bhay aru preeti neeti dekharayi/ Chale sakal charanahi sar nayi//

Ehi avasar Lacchiman pur aaye/ Krodh dekhi jah tah kapi dhaaye//

Hanuman ji told them about their task with a proper mix of the fearful consequences, with due benevolence and elucidated on the ways of duty!

Meanwhile Laxman had reached the city gates. Seeing his fury, the monkeys scattered hither and thither.



Dhanush chadayi kaha tab jaari karau pur tchar/

Byakul nagar dekhi tab aayavu Balikumar//

Laxman armed with his bow and arrow, spoke with belligerence: ” I will burn down the city into ashes!”

Then Prince Angad, son of Bali, came to his side, getting news of the panic stricken denizens.


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