Kishkinda Kanda…Hearing about a furious Laxman…22


Charan nayi siru binate keenhi/Lacchiman abhay baah tehi deenhi//

Krodhvanth Lacchiman suni kaana/ Kah kapees ati bhay akulaana//

Angad paid obeisance at the feet of Laxman. Then Laxman pulled him up warmly and reassured him. (Do not fear!)

Sugreeva, meanwhile, heard about the anger of Laxman and became petrified.


Sunu Hanumant sangh lai Tara/ Kari binate samuchayi kumara//

Tara sahit jaayi Hanumana/ Charan bandi prabhu sujas bakhana//

(Sugreeva said ) ‘Listen Hanuman, take Queen Tara with you! Apologise to the Lord and appease him!

Hanumanji and Tara went to Laxman and bowing before him,  sincerely praised the greatness of Lord Ram.


Kari binate mandir lai aaye/ Charan pakhari palank baidaye//

Tab kapees charananhi naava/ Gahi bhuj Lacchiman kand lagaava//

They ushered him to the palace politely. After washing Laxmanji’s feet (welcoming ritual) they offered him a seat.

Sugreeva came in and lay prostrate at Laxman’s feet. Laxmanji got up and embraced him.


Nadh bishay sam mad kachu nahim/ Muni mann moh karayi chan mahim//

Sunat bineet bachan such paava/ Lacchiman tehi bahu bidhi samuchaava//

(Sugreeva said) ‘Lord, there is nothing as addictive as sensual pleasures. Flesh and its pleasures can provoke even the greatest of saints in a moment!’ (And I am such a worldly creature who got caught by these entanglements and foolishly forgot my assigned task!)

Laxmanji was calmed by the sincerity and politeness of those words. He consoled Sugreeva.


Pavan tanay sab kadha sunaayi/ Jehi bidhi gaye doot samudaayi//

Then Hanuman appraised Prince Laxman about how groups of messengers had been dispatched to various directions to search for allies.



Harashi chale Sugreev tab Angadadi kapi sath/

Ramanuj aagem kari aaye jeah Raghunath//

Laxman led the way and following him, Sugreev, Angad and others went to meet Lord Ram.


Nayi charan siru kah kar jori/ Nadh mohi kachu naahin khori//

Atisay prabal dev tav maya/ Chutayi Ram karahu jaum daaya//

Bowing before Lord Ram’s feet and folding his hands Sugreev said as follows…

‘ Lord, I am not to be blamed for my stupidity! Your worldly maya (illusion) is so strong; and one can escape from its clutches only when you take compassion on your devotee!’


Bishay basya sur nar muni swami/ Mai paavar pasu kapi ati kaami//

Naari nayan sar jaahi na laaga/ Ghor krodh tam nisi jo jaaga//

‘Hey Lord! The Devas, the humans and the sages are enraptured by maya! And I am nothing but an inferior animal and that too a lowly monkey!’

‘Only the one who cannot be conquered by the arrow tip of a woman’s glance can remain untouched by blind fury.’ (He will stay awake even in the dark night of anger.)












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