23 (Kishkinda Kanda) Then the Lord smiled…


Lobh paas jehi gar na bandhaya/ So nar tumh samaan Raghuraya//

Yeh gun sadhan tem nahim hoyi/ Tumhari kripa paav koyi koyi//

The mortal who has not donned the noose of greed- for worldy possessions- around his neck is akin to you, Sri Ram himself!

That quality is not acquired by striving or penance. Only by your blessings can a person acquire that sort of detachment.


Tab Raghupathy bole muskurayi/ Tumh priy mohi Bharat jimi bhayi//

Ab soyi jatanu karahu man laayi/ Jehi bidhi Sita kai sudhi payi//

Then Lord Ram smiled and said: ‘Brother!  To me, you are beloved like Bharat himself!’

‘Now focus your mind to discover ways to get information about Sitaji.’



Ehi bidhi hoth bathkahi aaye banar joodh/

Nana baran sakal disi dekhia kees baroodh//

As the conversation continued, troops of monkeys of various colours could be seen arriving from different directions.


Banar katak Uma mai dekha/ So murukh jo karan chah lekha//

Aayi Ram pad navahim maadha/ Nirakhi badanu sab hohim sanadha//

(Lord Shiv says) ‘Hey Uma! I saw the monkey army assembling! Only a fool would have dared to start counting!’

‘They came and bowed at Sri Ramji’s feet one by one. On getting to catch a glimpse of the Lord- the epitome of beauty and sweet compassion- every one of them felt that Sri Ramji was theirs!’


As kapi ek na sena mahim/ Ram kusal jehi poochi nahim//

Yeh kachu nahim prabhu kahi adhikayi/ Biswaroop vyapak Raghurayi//

The Lord spoke warmly to each monkey and enquired after his welfare.

It is not anything extraordinary , since Lord Sri Ram is the incarnation of the omnipresent and omniscient divinity.

Note: We also learn the art of benevolent leadership from the Lord’s care for each member of his army!


Tade jah tah aayasu payi/ Kah Sugreev sabahi samuchayi//

Ram kaju aru mor nihora/ Banar joodh jahu chahu ora//

On hearing the orders, the monkey army froze to its position. Then Sugreev spoke thus:

‘This is the task given to us by Lord Ram and my request to you…Spread in all four directions…’


Janaksuta kahu khojahu jaayi/ Maas diwas mah aayehu bhayi//

Avadhi meti jo binu sudhi paye/ Aavai banihi so mohi maraye//

‘Go and search for Janakiji! Brothers, return in a month’s time!

If someone returns without any information, I will have no other option but to finish him off!’

Note: Ironically, the leadership style of Sugreev seems to be extensively in use  in the world of ours, metaphorically speaking!


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