Kishkinda Kanda 27…When the Lord was in Vaman Avatar

vaman 2

Jo naghayi sat jojan sagar/ Karayi so Ram kaaj mati aagar//

Mohi biloki dharahu mann dheera/ Ram kripa kas bhayavu sareera//

The one who can cross one hundred yojanans ( four hundred kos) and is a repository of wisdom, only he can fulfill Lord Ram’s task.

Do not get upset!  Look at me and take courage! Due to Sri Ram’s blessings see how my body has regained its wings!


Papivu jaa kar naam sumirahim/ Athi apaar bhavsagar tarahim//

Taasu doot tumh taji kadarayi/ Ram hriday dhari karahu upayi//

‘Even a sinner can cross the formidable ocean of life (bhavsagar) easily on remembering His name!

And you are His messengers! Forget your trepidations; meditate on Lord Ram and think of a way!’


As kahi garud geedh jab gayavu/ Tinh kem mann athi bismay bhayavu//

Nij nij bal sab kahu bhasha/ Par jaayi kar samsay raakha//

(Kakabishundi says) : ‘Hey Garudji! When the vulture left after saying thus, the monkeys were left marveling!’

‘Each spoke of his strengths but expressed the lack of confidence in crossing the ocean.’


Jarad   bhayavu ab kahayi richesa/ Nahim tan raha pradham bal lesa//

Jabahim tribikram bhaye kharari/ Tab mai tarun rahevu bal bhari//

(The king of bears Jambavan said )  ‘I have grown too old. The initial strength is no longer left in my body.

When the enemy of Khar (Lord Vishnu in Ram avatar) was in the Vaman incarnation, I was young and very strong!’

Note:  (Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vaman, Parasu Ram, Sri Ram, Bal Ram, Krishna, Kalki:  10 avatars of Lord Vishnu)



Bali bandhat prabhu badevu so tanu barni na jaayi/

Ubhay khari mah deenhi saat pradacchin dhaayi//

(Jambavan said )‘When he vanquished King Maha Bali the Lord was gigantic in form: I cannot express in words;

Yet in two hours, I ran and completed seven pradakshinas (circumambulations) of that divine avatar!’

Note:  In his fifth incarnation, Lord Vishnu as Vaman avatar measured one step on the earth, another step on the skies; and the great King Mahabali ( literally  The Strongest of All) offered him his head for the third step.


Angad kahayi javu mai paara/ Jiyam samsay kachhu firthi baara//

Jamavant kah tumh sab layak/ Padayia kimi sabahi kar nayak//

Prince Angad said: ‘I can cross the ocean easily. But I am not confident about my return.’

Jambavan replied: ‘You are absolutely eligible in all ways. But you are the leader of the team and we cannot let you go.’

Note:  Jambavan is wise in elucidating the art of leadership: leading from the front is not a choice when it comes to undertaking dangerous missives single-handed. The leader has to stay back to strategize and plan for contingencies often.


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