Cats and Porcupines



‘Next time I will make you a porcupine,’ says my elder daughter. It is a warning in the guise of sibling love.

‘Nah! Persian cat with green eyes. The one which asked God whether He was seated in her chair!’  My younger girl replies. That is a rejoinder of untrammeled self confidence which is utterly undisguised.

The sequel of my daughter’s novel ‘Scientia’ is undergoing publication. It is called Eva, short for Evangelista. It is peppered with feisty women scientists, wise mentors, handsome men, and cats…

Little girl has trouble over the fact that the pesky cat does not get to star much in the book unlike the first one. Chechi has been ruthless with her pen; and has snipped off her  nose-in-the air, prima donna scenes mercilessly.

‘You get to banter with the dog, be thankful for that, brat!’

‘Huh! I know, I know.’

I conclude that in the scenes where she does appear, she gets an upper-claw over a doggy. Poor dog.

‘I have a serious issue to bring to your notice. Whenever grandma calls, she asks about you first. That is major unfairness. We have been studying equity and equality recently in school.’ Persian cat purrs dangerously.

Chechi cackles in abandoned glee.

‘Well, well, certain facts in life have to be accepted. She loves me more.’

‘There is something called majority opinion.’

‘Since when has one been a majority?’

‘ I am adding my cousins here. You should not hog all the attention all the time.’ Persian cat bares her pretty teeth.

Chechi giggles openly. She knows that certain statements need no answers. They are the divine truth.


I advise my mother that certain family undercurrents need firm resolution. She should be neutral when it came to showing her love for the grand kids.

She chortles like my elder girl. They share the same eyes, delicate bone structure, and the indomitable will.

I am determined to not let that laugh sidetrack me.

‘Please call the little girl today. Ask about her this time!’

‘ Okay. I will have a chat with her soon. You know she is exactly like you. Remember when you were always cribbing over your brother getting all the attention? That child has your eyes and attitude by the way.’

Now I am in the mood to ask my elder girl to create a couple of more porcupine relatives in the next book….