Better to Light a Candle…


‘Lord! Use me in your service.’

And when you pray thus, miracles happen.

Dear Sister, working in the remotest villages, wanted to stitch masks and distribute them freely to the villagers. But she had no way of stepping out of the convent to purchase the raw material.

‘So much to do…how do I do it?’

The desire of that pure heart triggered energy vibrations elsewhere. Lo and behold, we found someone to help her overcome the obstacle. He, another good heart, had purchased hundreds of masks from his own salary for the poor and was delighted to be of help.

Soon the stitching machines of the convent will work night and day, and many village women will contribute towards making the world a kinder place.

Sometimes, all one needs is a pure wish…a selfless prayer.


“Ikigai”: where passion meets mission, profession and vocation.

( Book  By Hector Garcia, Francesc Miralles)


What you love merges with

What the world needs

What you can be paid for

What you are good at.


P.S. I feel proud of many silent people working round the clock to help us. Hats off to doctors, nurses, police officers,  paramedics, sanitation workers…so many countless people out there struggling to keep us safe, well fed and healthy.  Collectors and SPs are  doing outstanding work in such dire times.

Blessed are those who are not cynical, who do not rave and rant about the sad state of affairs but end up doing some things for bettering the situation..

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

A time to be grateful.