Sree Ramakrishnopanishad



My second book in Malayalam has been released by DC Books. The imprint is Sadhna, DC Books.

It is a translation of C Rajagopalachariji’s Sree Ramakrishna Upanishad, originally published in Tamil and translated into Hindi by his daughter Lakshmi Gopaldas Gandhi.

On a Diwali two years before, I had acute cold and a small book in Hindi for company. It was full of anecdotes and stories with an erudite interpretation of the most puzzling issues of life. I sought help from my office colleagues for certain words that confused me- but at the end, it was  a satisfying and joyous exploration.

I would like to thank K.R.Meera for going through the manuscript patiently and giving me great feedback. Gratitude is due to DC Books , for bringing out this book.

I have dedicated this book to  my late Economics Professor who played a key role in my getting selected for civil services- Narayanan Sir. He was a great teacher, and a wonderful person.