The Fellowship of the Book

In praise of Anthea Bell…

A Translator’s View

What a great mind!!!

One language to perceive all, one language to guide them,

One language to enchant them all, and in the magic bind them…





Words of Cheer and Hope…


15 Books By Indian Women Writers That You Loved In 2018

Two books open themselves to my New Year plans. One is ready and smiling already. The other is being knitted together with laughter, tears and gratitude.

Two fantastic authors, whom I met in my life journey, who have reposed faith in me to bring their words to light in another language: they make my New Year great!

It is so truly said that dreams are not what you see when you sleep, but those which keep you from sleeping!

Looking forward to another fantastic year where I get to play with words in my beautiful and fabulous mother tongue!

May the Lord guide us all into more and more learning and creativity.