The Healer


Flooded with news of depravity and degradation of humanity, one feels utterly hopeless at times.  If you look around for succour – the ways out of that morass- there are snippets about electronic detoxification, the latest diet fads, the style of dress that would most definitely give you an edge over others, the books that are  so popular in market, the places that celebrities visit, the video games which keep you hooked, the research study which gives you in five bullet points, the way to master happiness…What if such invitations leave you cold? Then you search for meaning again…

In one such endeavour, I ended up reading about this fantastic doctor, a woman in a wheel chair, who takes care of her patients from morning eight till night eight, in a small village in my native state of Kerala.

‘ Now this ,’ said my mind, ‘is inspiration for the lost soul.’

To translate the gist of the news which appeared in my mother tongue, the good doctor, Dr.Susheela ( Meaning of name: One of good and pleasing habits) is an invalid herself. She has to be helped into her wheel chair by a nurse. Yet, she serves humanity, by looking after the patients who throng her house in a village where a bus stop has been named after her!

Asked about her inspiration, she quotes  four lines of classical Malayalam poetry, which can be understood thus:

‘With arms  long enough

To master anything through hard work,

Were human beings sent to earth

By the wise Lord above.’

A new bridge is to be named after her in the village. I feel proud, reading about a sterling, wonderful woman who started to heal others from 1977,  when she completed  her medical degree, overcoming  a debilitating disease which could have driven many others to suicidal thoughts and depression.

‘ Even the hardest iron can be melted in the furnace of the blacksmith…’ Dr.Susheela smiles,  as she explains the iron will of a human being determined not to let adversity get the better of her.

The good doctor thus shows me the way to handle another day, following her brilliant, blazing soul light.


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