A Hymn Of Gratitude


How do you feel after climbing a hill? Stand at the pinnacle of a mountain top?

Gratitude fills my heart.

There is deep satisfaction, at the culmination of an eventful journey -where words were my constant companions. A path which was profusely lush with hymns from the Holy Bible and the various Upanishads. Where Hanuman mantras merged seamlessly with propiatory shlokas praising the Goddess!

The first draft of a major translation project stands completed! Almost three hundred pages of sheer delight as a translator!

I am inspired by the humility, the brilliance and wisdom of the unassuming writer, who  gave me  full freedom and heartfelt  encouragement  at every stage! Thank you, thank you for the great opportunity!

On Navami,  when the splendour of the Goddess of Learning is casting its mesmerising magic all around, I bow before her graciousness in making me the chosen instrument of her wishes.

Guide us towards light…Mother! To work harder, to spread the beauty of learning, to quietly do our bit in this magnifIcent world, without getting sidetracked into what you may deem worthless in your divine wisdom.

‘But when they measured it with an omer, those who gathered much had nothing over, and those who gathered little had no shortage…!’

Thank You Again!


Witches Ahoy!

So I was searching for a book to entertain myself with, and my elder daughter offered a dog eared copy called, ‘Which Witch”. It was by Eva Ibbotson. ” Try this ma. Bet you will be totally into it in five minutes time,” she grinned. ” I am too old for this,” I protested. ” A witch pageant ma, no less. Who would be the blackest witch of all? The end is deadly. You might find some early inspirations of Harry Potter magic in this one,” she tempted me. Suffice it to say that I indulged in it. And was absolutely fascinated by the irrepressible humour and plot of the book. The subtle wisdom, hit me in the heart. Quote: ” Happiness is almost as good as magic for altering a person’s looks.” How true! How absolutely, gorgeously, fantastically true! I hugged my girl, when I returned her book. ” Returned to safe custody. I loved it,” I said. ” Yup! Has been my favourite since  I was eleven,” she smiled. ” Would you consider giving me another book of hers?” I asked. This time , she returned the embrace. ” Ma, I told you!” she giggled. ” I want you to  read ‘ The Witches ‘with me,” said the younger one, peeved by all that attention going to her sibling. Oooh, Roald Dahl himself!

I am so into witches now. And loving it. ****