The Song of the Avatars- Avatarakirtana ( Translation from Malayalam)

Ambujayatha lochana komala…

We grew up reciting this prayer, praising the different reincarnations aka Avatars of Lord Vishnu. It is both poetry and prayer and energises when you read it, recite it, hear it, ruminate over it…



1.Ambujayata Lochana Komala…

Handsome one, with lotus petal eyes
Holding a conch, ocean of compassion
Your lotus feet, that remove all sins
Govinda, allow me to see you thus.

2. Azhi tannil muzhukiya vedathe….

To retrieve the Vedas which disappeared
In the ocean depths, you turned into a Fish

That Form which encompasses oceans seven
Govinda, allow me to see you thus.

3. Icchayode surasura sanjayam ..

As the group of suras and asuras
Churned the ocean with great desire
Thou turned into a Tortoise to aid them-
Allow me to see that omnipresent Form.

4. Eeshalenniye Sukara veshamayi..

In the guise of a wild boar, without any mercy

You killed the hateful Hiranyaksha
And brought back Mother Earth from his grasp
Govinda, allow me to see you thus.

5. Ugranaya Hiranyakashipuve…

The terrifying Hiranyakashipu
Slayed by the Narasimha Avatar,
Lovingly adored by Prahlada,
Govinda, allow me to see you thus.

6. Udamodam Mahabali…

With sly glee, beseeching Mahabali
For three footsteps of land,
That Vamana avatar,
Govinda, allow me to serve thee thus.

7. Ennikondu irupatthyonnu…

Counting twenty one times
Exterminating the countless Kshatriyas
In your Parasuram avatar
Govinda, appear before my eyes thus.

8.Enanermizhy Janakichorane…

The thief who stole the doe- eyed Janaky,

In Sriram Avatar  you killed him off with an arrow,

Without a single moment’s loss

Govinda, allow me to see you thus.

9. Aiyo Hastinamayapuripukku…

The city of Hastinapur, taken at the edge

Of a plough blade, and swooping to throw it off

That avatar of Balabhadra

Govinda, allow me to see you thus.

10. Ottozhiyathe bhoobharam…

To lessen the earth’s burden of carrying

Evil Kings, you killed them off

And did many a marvellous deed lovingly

Govinda, allow me to see you as Krishna.

11. Orkillethrayum pediyamennimel…

So frightening to even remember

The avatar of Kalki with his sword

Getting rid of the evil entirely

Govinda, allow me to see you thus.

12. Avidhhamaya patthavataravum…

These ten avatars, in above manner

Who can ever put them to words?

Lord, with thy compassion alone

Can I attain moksha, Govinda!

13. Andamillathe Jnancheytha papatthe…

Removing the endless sins that I have committed

By your divine touch

There is no one else to guide me to divine freedom

Apart from the soul-relative that you are, Govinda!

14. Achyudananda Govinda Madhava…

Blemishless, Thou full of eternal joy,  Govinda, Madhava,

Sachidananda, infinite bodied blessed one,

May I come to recite thy divine names

Lord of the Universe, Vishnu, I bow to thee.