Kishkinda Kanda…Hearing about a furious Laxman…22


Charan nayi siru binate keenhi/Lacchiman abhay baah tehi deenhi//

Krodhvanth Lacchiman suni kaana/ Kah kapees ati bhay akulaana//

Angad paid obeisance at the feet of Laxman. Then Laxman pulled him up warmly and reassured him. (Do not fear!)

Sugreeva, meanwhile, heard about the anger of Laxman and became petrified.


Sunu Hanumant sangh lai Tara/ Kari binate samuchayi kumara//

Tara sahit jaayi Hanumana/ Charan bandi prabhu sujas bakhana//

(Sugreeva said ) ‘Listen Hanuman, take Queen Tara with you! Apologise to the Lord and appease him!

Hanumanji and Tara went to Laxman and bowing before him,  sincerely praised the greatness of Lord Ram.


Kari binate mandir lai aaye/ Charan pakhari palank baidaye//

Tab kapees charananhi naava/ Gahi bhuj Lacchiman kand lagaava//

They ushered him to the palace politely. After washing Laxmanji’s feet (welcoming ritual) they offered him a seat.

Sugreeva came in and lay prostrate at Laxman’s feet. Laxmanji got up and embraced him.


Nadh bishay sam mad kachu nahim/ Muni mann moh karayi chan mahim//

Sunat bineet bachan such paava/ Lacchiman tehi bahu bidhi samuchaava//

(Sugreeva said) ‘Lord, there is nothing as addictive as sensual pleasures. Flesh and its pleasures can provoke even the greatest of saints in a moment!’ (And I am such a worldly creature who got caught by these entanglements and foolishly forgot my assigned task!)

Laxmanji was calmed by the sincerity and politeness of those words. He consoled Sugreeva.


Pavan tanay sab kadha sunaayi/ Jehi bidhi gaye doot samudaayi//

Then Hanuman appraised Prince Laxman about how groups of messengers had been dispatched to various directions to search for allies.



Harashi chale Sugreev tab Angadadi kapi sath/

Ramanuj aagem kari aaye jeah Raghunath//

Laxman led the way and following him, Sugreev, Angad and others went to meet Lord Ram.


Nayi charan siru kah kar jori/ Nadh mohi kachu naahin khori//

Atisay prabal dev tav maya/ Chutayi Ram karahu jaum daaya//

Bowing before Lord Ram’s feet and folding his hands Sugreev said as follows…

‘ Lord, I am not to be blamed for my stupidity! Your worldly maya (illusion) is so strong; and one can escape from its clutches only when you take compassion on your devotee!’


Bishay basya sur nar muni swami/ Mai paavar pasu kapi ati kaami//

Naari nayan sar jaahi na laaga/ Ghor krodh tam nisi jo jaaga//

‘Hey Lord! The Devas, the humans and the sages are enraptured by maya! And I am nothing but an inferior animal and that too a lowly monkey!’

‘Only the one who cannot be conquered by the arrow tip of a woman’s glance can remain untouched by blind fury.’ (He will stay awake even in the dark night of anger.)












Laghu Tapas Kar Bagbilaasa (47):The Young Mendicant’s Prowess With Words!


Ravan and His Spy  (Sundar Kanda continued)


Ram tej bal buddhi bipulayi/Sesh sahas sakahim na gayi//

Sak sar ek soshi sat sagar/tav bratahi poochevu nay nagar//

Even a lakh Seshnags(with thousand tongues) cannot fully sing about the glories of SreeRamji’s  ability, strength and brilliance

With a single arrow he can cause hundreds of oceans to dry up, but the Lord, an expert in law and justice, queried for a solution to your own brother


Taasu bachan suni sagar pahim/magat pandh kripa mann mahim//

Sunat bachan bihasa Dasseesa/Jaum asi mati sahay krit keesa//

Listening to your brother’s advice, SreeRamji is asking the ocean for a path, His mind is full of kindness ( so He is not drying it up)

Hearing the spy’s words, Ravan burst out laughing (and said-) When his intelligence is like that, no wonder he has got monkeys as helpers!


Sahaj bheeru kar bachan dridayi/sagar san dani machalayi//

Mood mrisha ka karasi badayi/ripu bal buddhi dhah mai payi//

Listening to Vibheeshan, who is cowardly by nature, he has decidedly to make a fool of himself with the ocean( he would be sulking soon enough!)

Hey Fool! Why are you falsely praising the enemy? Enough! I have got an idea of the enemy’s strength and intelligence (which you have been exaggerating)


Sachiv sabheet Bibheeshan jakem/bijay bibhuti kahan jag takem//

Sunu khal bachan doot risi badee/samay bichari patrika kadee//

The one who has a minister like Vibheeshan, how can he be victorious or prosperous in this world?

Listening to wicked Ravan, the spy’s anger grew steadily, seeking the opportune moment, he took out Laxman’s missive


Ramanuj deenhi yah paathy/nadh bachayi judavahu chaathy//

Bihasi baam kar leenhi Ravan/ Sachiv boli sad laag bachavan//

(And he said-) The younger brother of SreeRamji had given this message for you, Hey Lord! Please read it and cool your temper

Laughing all the while, Ravan took it with his left hand and gave it to his minister, and asked that fool to read it aloud



Baatanh manahi ricchayi sad jani khalasi kul khees//

Ram birodh na ubarasi saran bishnu aj ees//

(It read as follows-) Hey Fool! Just by confounding your mind with words, do not cause the utter destruction of your clan

By making an enemy of SreeRamji, you will not be saved even if you seek refuge with Vishnu, Brahma or Shiv!


Ki taji man anuj iv Prabhu pad pankaj bringh/

Hohi ki Ram saranal khal kul sahit patangh//

Either you let go of your false pride and become a bee around the lotus feet of the Lord like your younger brother

Or, You Evil One! Burn with your family like moths in the fire of SreeRamji’s arrow!


Sunat sabhay mann mukh musukayi/kahan Dasanan sabahi sunayi//

Bhumi para kar gahat aakasa/laghu tapas kar bagh bilaasa//

Hearing the message Ravan was terrified but not displaying it, he smiled and said to everyone-

As if someone is trying to touch the skies with his mere hand that is lying on the earth, this younger mendicant(Laxman) is trying out his wordplay( trying to intimidate with  prowess of his words- vaagvilaasa)


Kah suk nadh satya sab baani/samuchahu cchady prakriti abhimaani//

Sunahu bachan mam parihari krodha/nadh Ram san tajahu birodha//

Shuk(the spy) said- Lord! Please understand that the words in the message are true, leave aside your pride

Please listen to me, letting go of your anger, Lord! Give up your enemity with SreeRamji


Janaksuta Raghunadhahi deeje/etna kaha mor Prabhu keeje//

Jab tehim kaha den Baidehi/charan prahar keenh sad tehi//

Please give Janakiji to SreeRaghunathji, Lord! Please listen to me and do it

When the spy asked him to give back Sita, then the wicked Ravan kicked him away


Nayi charan siru chala so taham/Kripasindhu Raghunayak jaham//

Kari pranamu nij kadha sunayi/Ram kripam aapani gati payi//

He too(The spy) bowed his head at Ravan’s feet and (like Vibheeshan) left for SreeRamji’s abode

He narrated his story, and with the blessing of SreeRamji he obtained moksha from his curse ( recovered his original sage form)


Rishi Agasthi keem saap Bhawani/racchas bhayavu raha muni gyani//

Bandi Ram pad barahim bara/muni nij aashram kahu pagu dhara//

(Lord Shiv says-) Hey Bhawani! He( the spy) was once a learned sage, due to the curse of Rishi Agastya, he had turned into a Rakshasa

After repeatedly praying obeisance at SreeRamji’s feet, the sage returned to his ashram


(Note:If one counts the number of opportunities given to Ravan to seek the right path, one would be astonished! Not counting Jatayu, Sita herself, Hanuman, Mandodari, Vibheeshan, Malyavaan, Laxman, the spy…and later Kumbakaran…but certain souls do not learn from wise counsel)


Ravan Kar Deejahu Yeh Paathy(45): Give This Missive To Ravan


The spy’s story (Sundar Kanda Continued)


Suni Lacchiman sab nikat bolaye/daya lagy hasi turat chodaye//

Ravan kar deejahu yeh pathy/Lacchiman bachan bacchu kulkhaty//

Hearing the spy’s words, Laxman called them all near himself, he felt great pity on the spy and immediately got him freed

(Then Laxman told him-) Give this letter to Ravan himself,( to his own hand and tell him-)Hey Clan-Destroyer! Be forewarned by Laxman’s message!



Kahehu mukhagar mood san mam sandesu udaar/

Sita deyi milhu na ta aava Kalu tumhaar//

Then  you should convey to that fool my  generous message verbally-

You better hand over Sitaji to SreeRamji and meet the Lord, else know that Your Kal( Death God) has arrived!


Turat nayi Lacchiman pad madha/ chale doot barnat gun gadha//

Kahat Ram jasu Lanka aye/Ravan charan sees tinh naye//

After bowing at Laxman’s feet and singing glorious tales of SreeRamji’s qualities, the spy left immediately

Praising SreeRamji he arrived at Lanka, and went to Ravan and paid obeisance


Bihasi Dasanan poochi baata/kahasi na suk aapani kuslaata//

Puni kahu khabari Bibheeshan keri/jaahi mrityu aayi ati neri//

Ravan laughed and queried-Hey Shuk! why are you not speaking of your well being?

Tell us about that Vibheeshan, whose death has come so close to him


Karat raj Lanka sad tyagy/hoyihi jav kar keet abhagy//

Puni kahu bhalu kees katkayi/kadin kal prerit chali ayi//

That fool abdicated Lanka even when he was a part of the rulers, the unfortunate one will get crushed like a  seed of the barley plant (in the ensuing war)

Tell me about the army of bears and monkeys, brought herewith due to the push of impending death_


Jinh ke jeevan kar rakhwara/bhayavu mridul chitt sindhu bichara//

Kahu tapasinh kai baat bahori/jinh ke hridayam traas ati mori//


And whose protector is the gentle, and simple ocean itself ( Had the ocean not been there as a barrier, the Rakshasas would have eaten them up a long time ago)

And do tell me about those mendicants,  whose hearts are terror struck because of me!


Daiv Daiv Aalasy Pukara(44): Only The Indolent Cries God, God!


Laxman is annoyed (SundarKanda Continued)


Sakha kahi tumh neeki upayi/karia daiv jaum hoyi sahayi//

Mantra na yeh Lacchiman mann bhava/Ram bachan suni ati dukh paava//

(Sree Ramji said)Hey Friend! You have given the right solution,let us do it, the God of ocean will help

But his brother Laxman did not like Vibheeshan’s advice,he felt saddened by SreeRamji’s reply


Nadh daiv kar kavan bharosa/soshiya sindhu kariya mann rosa//

Kadar mann kahu ek adhaara/daiv daiv aalasy pukaara//

(Laxmanji said) Hey Lord! What is this reliance on the Gods? Bring  forth  your fury and burn the ocean down!

This ‘reliance on Gods’ is just an excuse for a cowardly mind, and only the lazy ones keep repeating God, God!


Sunat bihasi bole Raghubeera /aisehim karab dharahu mann dheera//

As kahi Prabhu anujahi samucchayi/sindhu sameep gaye Raghurayi//

Listening to his brother, SreeRamji laughed and said-Yes, I will do like you suggest, be calm and confident

Consoling his brother, he left the place moving closer to the ocean


Pradham pranam keenh siru nayi/baide puni tat darbh dasayi//

Jabahim Bibheeshanu Prabhu pahim aye/pacchem Ravan doot padaye//

SreeRamji first bowed before the ocean, then he spread out some grass(darbha) and sat down

Meanwhile, as  soon as Vibheeshan had left Lanka, Ravan had sent his spy to follow him



Sakal charit tinh dekhe dharem kapat kapi deh/

Prabhu gun hridayam sarahahim saranagat par neh//

The spy has assumed the form of a monkey and was watching all the leela(literally play)in front of him

In his heart he was praising the qualities of the Lord and His compassion for the one who sought refuge


Pragat bakhanahim Ram subhavu/athi saprem gaa bisari duravu//

Ripu ke doot kapinh tab jaane/sakal bandhim kapees pahim aane//

Then he forgot his artificial form and in his true form, started praising SreeRamji openly

The monkeys recognised him as a spy and binding him up they took him to Sugreev


Kah Sugreev sunanhu sab banar/ang bhang kari padavahu nisichar//

Suni Sugreev bachan kapi dhaye/baandhi katak chahu paas bhiraye//

Sugreev said- listen, monkeys! Cut the Rakshasa  into pieces and send him back

The monkeys raced to obey him, they tied the spy up and circled the army grounds with him


Bahu prakar maran kapi laage/deen pukarat tadapi na tyaage //

Jo hamar har naasa kaana/tehi Kosaladhees kai aana//

The monkeys started torturing him in various ways, he kept crying out pathetically, but they did not spare him

(Then the spy cried out loudly-) The one who cuts off my nose and ears, may he be fragrant with the Name of SreeRamji, Raja of Kosala


(Note: The spy took the name of the Lord, which has immediate effects!)