Listening to The Way


I was listening to the great Wayne Dyer recently. He was espousing the beauty of Tao Te Ching by Laozi. ‘The Way’, as he explained, seemed so beautiful.

Then it struck me. Who better epitomises all that than my own beloved Hanumanji?

Bhoot Pisach Nikat Nahi Aave

Mahaveer Jab Naam Sunaave

1. To live with integrity, joy, peace and balance…I can think of none but Hanumanji.

2. Learn to die when you live… Live without fear of death…I think of Hanuman offering himself as food to Sursa, telling her that he would accomplish SriRamji’s task first!

3. Have your own sacred space…Trust in your own nature… If you knew who walked by your side, you will never know fear!

Haanumanji always carried his Lord in his heart and offered every action as an offering at Sriramji’s feet.

4. Be radically humble…

I think of Hanumanji telling SreeRamji….I am just a monkey….jumping from one branch to another itself is an achievement! Whatever I do, Lord, is because you make me do it! How can I take credit for my actions?

5. Non resistance and detachment….flow like the water and accept uncertainty

Tough but so true! Hanumanji’s journey to Lanka is a perfect example of that. He met enemies and friends in that journey. He stayed calm and cool. He was so accepting of every situation and never lost his sense of humour! When Ravan ordered his tail to be set on fire, Hanumanji grinned to himself that the Goddess Sarada has helped in the nick of time: by  making him order such a strange punishment!

6.Be soft and pliable and do not be hard  and brittle….Flexibility in approach

Ah, who better to teach that than Hanumanji? He changes from humble follower to ferocious warrior to loving colleague to respectful family member….so calmly. He is unforgiving to the wicked ( the killing of the water demoness) and playful with the good hearted ( the tricking of Sursa), fair to the kind ( respecting Vibheeshan) and ruthless with the foes ( killing of the rakshasas)… He counsels Ravan and is so humble in his approach…

7. Living by not interefering…. Never trying to control anything….

Hanumanji could have easily taken Sitaji back with him from Asokavan.. But he never tries to control the situation. He is aware of the bigger design of the Master Planner at all times.

8.  Be generous, be strong by bending, living Oneness…

Jai Hanuman gyangunasaagar….


Probably it is human nature to relate whatever one reads or hears to what one knows in one’s own sphere.

The lesson of detachment, the ability to feel comfortable in a situation over which you have no control, to be flexible…all these are so tough in real life. But how truthful they are!

I now know that every one we meet comes to teach us some lessons…If we do not learn, then we shall endure the same experience in a different form…names and forms and situations might change but the lesson remains the same!

How blessed to listen to wise words and wise counsel. How important to trust ourselves…and the God above. How important to know that when HE walks by your side, nothing can make you afraid.

Jai Hanumanji!








Journeys of Life


( Jonathan Livingston Seagull quotes)

The red rose that my mother pinned next to my two and half year old daughter’s curly hair, as she stepped out to her  neighbourhood nursery school, remains fresh in my memory. Her bag was a teddy bear with a pouch. Her frock had been a pink  one with frills all round. It was a contingency of sorts- sending off a toddler to the school.I was preparing for the civil services examination and she had too much energy which made her run around my books. The first letters she learned were in her mother tongue.

I watch her as she packs her bags for her freshman year at the University. She is an aspiring astrophysicist, who can trounce anyone with her debating skills and her knowledge about Feynman’s hobbies  and Roger Penrose’s  CCC( She tells me it is conformal cyclic cosmology!) She keeps her hair short and will snort like Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice, if I mention the episode of the red rose. She is a great fan of Ramin Karimloo. (I have to ask her about how his name is spelt.) And she thinks that my music sense is hopelessly retrograde. Apparently scientists use the word retrograde a lot, vis a vis  stars, implying some sort of deterioration.

What do I tell my child, as she checks her strong young wings, confident of the wind and the sun ahead in her flight?

What do I caution her on, as I look beyond her and see a world which is a mix of all colours of human emotions?

What armour, what sword, what food, what drink?

What about….everything?

Instead I pack her favourite tee shirt and the Bhagvad Gita that my mother has kept for  her grand daughter. It  is quite a few decades old-a gift from her office, when I had entered University.

“Can I have Chechy’s room?” Little girl chirps by my side.

“There you are Amma! One practical little brat  is there to console you,” my daughter laughs.

“You better Skype with me every day. Maybe google hangouts? I will be like that Manju in Khoobsoorat.” I threaten her. It is totally useless.

“Amma, Chechy is planning to sit  in the campus whenever she chats with you- so that you do not see her messy room,” Little girl whispers conspiratorially.

Masterminds at work indeed.

“Why don’t you just relax, Ma? Watch something with us…”

To relax, I call up my mother and seek advice. She has already  planned  a temple recital of  the Srimad Bhagvadam on the day my daughter starts her classes.

“You simply do your best and leave the rest to Krishna.”

Right. That was sage advice indeed.

And so it rests.





What certain women would like to speak


  1. If you think you can crush me, oh please-

You are sadly mistaken.

Sorry to disappoint you,

But I was born with a stubborn gene –

Which gathers strength with each attempt

Of humiliation, defamation, degradation.

And I was born with a funny bone too

That laughs with derision at every manly effort

To make a joke of my life.

Do check with those who love me,

You might be surprised

How much we laugh together,

As we dare to grow more lushly

Every beautiful day.


It hurts , does it not

To see joy where you imagined sorrow?

Words, where you imagined terror?

Life, where you imagined death?

You have been encroaching into my sanctuary

Even after the boundaries closed shut long before,

Trying to spread the deep malaise of your nature

To infect the roots  of my happy  tree

Poisoning everything green around

With your fumes of hatred, lies and malice.

You have gone raving mad in the attempt,

I am merely bemused at your antics.

My roots go deep down the earth of my own truth

Which , is deeper than the whole falsehood of your beliefs.

Because, my truth is this:

Every human being deserves to be free- from what ails it

And be happy.

Try that bitter medicine for your chronic illness.