Wonder and other short Poems : Prof Veeran Kutty (Translation from Malayalam)


1. Wonder

With the same mouth and lips

That you used for a

Careless yawn

Which devastated me

A moment ago,

You now create a smile

Which fills me with wonder!


2. Nourishment

God knows

How to nurture friendship.

What starts as a piece of coal

Turns sparkling, and golden

When we  give and receive between us.

Why regret  bitterly,

If it is lost somewhere in the midst?

It would have turned into a


By the time of its retrieval.

God knows

How to turn love into something hard.


3.  Beauty

God created

Only your body.

When He wiped the paint off,

The rest

Of the world

Came into being.


4. Between Us

When it reaches

Between us,

The breeze becomes

A watchful feline.


The perspiration of lovers

Is redolent of milk.


5. Intermingled

To separate the lamps

That we had once exchanged

Distinguishing them as Yours and Mine

Is difficult, but not impossible

As we part  our ways.


How can we segregate

Their intermingled light?


6. In Your Silence

There is a warning in your silence-

As if there is a hidden tempest

In the air whirring around me.

In your smile that kills,

Hides a tantalising promise:

Like a death by drowning

Waiting in the clear deep waters.


7. Request

I am a lamp

Lighted up by your smile.

It  is prone  to flicker

With every sigh of yours,

And likely to die out

With your tears.