Gospel On Five Fingers




Reverend Sister Jyothis has given me her personal copy- liberally marked and underlined with notes- of Mother Teresa’s private writings. It is entitled ‘ Mother Teresa- Come Be My Light.’

In it is a reference to the ‘ Gospel on five fingers’: ‘ You- did-it-to-me.’

It is a call to serve the poorest and the most underprivileged, that the Lord shall consider what you do for them, as what you do to Him.

I heard of Matthew 25:40 when I travelled with some missionary fathers and sisters for a seminar.

They were telling me about an old Sister, a doctor, a gynaecologist of great repute who has dedicated her life in the actualisation of Matthew 25:40.

Matthew 25:40

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Here is a link to an article on this great woman, great humanitarian, great doctor!

Why UP Govt. Honoured This Doctor-Nun From Kerala With the Rani Laxmi Bai Award

“Sister sleeps in the Labour room often, because the needy and the crying patients are so many! On the occasions that she could rest, on her walk back, she would whisper a prayer and throw seeds of papaya on the earth…and many have grown into fruit laden plants that quench the hunger of the poor!!! She always has a smile, and will never say ‘ no’ to even a single patient! She attended nearly 400 patients a day when interventions had to be undertaken to protect her health…. Her father was a renowned doctor herself and she could easily have opted for a luxury filled life as a young doctor, but she chose to serve the most neglected areas to help women and children…” The more I heard, the more I felt a great energy flooding through me. In this world that we live in, where crimes and brutalities fill every newspaper, what joy to hear about great souls who walk so unassumingly in our own midst!

I have made a promise to myself: I will meet dear Sister Jude , the Mother Teresa of Mau as she is called. I need to touch those blessed hands that have conducted – are still conducting- almost a lakh surgeries for the poorest of the poor women;  that have given life to many  over the past forty years.

“An instrument in His hands!” Verily so!