Light a Lamp, Quietly…

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When life seems difficult, reach out to help others. It teaches you gratitude, reverence and opens the doors to great joy. All great philosophers have spoken about it. All religious texts swear by that dictum.

Do you love the written word? Do you love the feeling of sharing what you read with others? Do you care about those not so fortunate?

A great effort to bring literature to the blind, is the Talking Books Project of the National Blind Association of India.

If you know to read, and can volunteer your time, you can make a difference! Either you can walk into their recording studios and volunteer or you can use technology available freely in your smartphones.

All you have to do is to pick up your favorite book, Malayalam or Telugu or Kannada or English ..whichever language you read, and see if you can volunteer your voice for a cause. It could be a story, a poem, a screenplay, a novel…record audibly, clearly, and email to the association.

Yes, you might have to check if there are any copy right issues. Fortunately, so much of literature in multiple languages is available, which is free  and unencumbered with copy right issues.

If your whole effort can be organised in one email, and forwarded  to Talking Books Project, you will be lighting a lamp, quietly.

Only, this time, someone without sight, will listen to the light, instead of seeing it.

I would like to thank K.R.Meera, the brilliant and caring author, who without any hesitation gave us her support.

And gratitude to Mr.Robinson, Assistant Director, National Association of the Blind, Talking Book Centre, Mumbai.

Together, let us light a million lamps.

Happy Diwali!


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