Words of Cheer and Hope…




15 Books By Indian Women Writers That You Loved In 2018

Two books open themselves to my New Year plans. One is ready and smiling already. The other is being knitted together with laughter, tears and gratitude.

Two fantastic authors, whom I met in my life journey, who have reposed faith in me to bring their words to light in another language: they make my New Year great!

It is so truly said that dreams are not what you see when you sleep, but those which keep you from sleeping!

Looking forward to another fantastic year where I get to play with words in my beautiful and fabulous mother tongue!

May the Lord guide us all into more and more learning and creativity.


The Bell Tolls in the New..

We freeze in certain circumstances, and warm up in certain others, if you have observed human behaviour.

Some people freeze the life out of us, pushing us into tundras resounding with nothing but the palpitations of fear- cutting short our seasons of growth and cooling our passions fast with low,mean temperatures. Some others, breathe life back into frozen souls, warm as Mediterranean  sea waters,engendering growth, passion, and blood flow back into our frozen systems. Some others, play another game, acting hot and cold, perhaps like the tropics, the rainfall of emotions being heavy and frequent, the temperature hot and  precipitation creating submerged environs.

It is time that someone undertook a study of how the different environmental climes resonate to human emotions and explore whether the nature affects our psyches, or our psyches mimic nature. But for sure, healthy nurture solicits a suitable nature, pun intentional, especially one  that is specifically good for the recipient.

Mustard oil stays in liquid state in winter. Coconut oil, born and brought up in warmer climes, freezes over in unfamiliar territory. Ah, I learn another lesson. Nature has a reason for allowing certain things to flourish in certain climes.  So be mustard, not a nut, in colder environs. Or if you still want to stand up and fight, warm it with enough heat and watch it  flowing normal again.

Resolution for new year: A promise to follow the nature’s directions.

  1. To seek warmth from those who nourishes one, embrace one’s achievements, cry along  in pain, and who, never delight in one’s agony. To avoid those, who freeze up the growing sinews with poison, hatred, malice, envy, opportunism, disrespect and lack of good will.

2. To never try and be something that one is not. To dare to be as authentic as one was born to be. To walk with head up, spine erect, and say, ‘ It is my birth right to be my own light.’

3. To be engendering to others, at home, work and society. To know that it is a privilege to serve, as it is to receive.

4. To know that Life is much , much more than about one’s own little self. To have humility and gratitude.

5. To worship no one, no philosophy or dictum, no material or possession with unquestioning, blind adoration.

6. To live with alertness: seeing both  the obvious and  the unseen , listening to words both unsaid and heard, touching with reverence and affection, speaking with clarity and conviction, smelling out both the wise and the rotten and remain as much as possible, unperturbed by the vagaries of the climates of the human psyche.Both one’s own and that of others.

Weorthscipe: old English, for worship.

May the new year usher in honour,dignity and worth to all.