Looking Out

Picture 185


Looking out

Of the window

I rather like the fact

That I have the time

The love, the peace

To look out

And come back slowly

To my  own self.

Looking within,

I greatly like

The place I am in


That’s a great deal

Knowing where I

Could have been

Would have been

Should have been

But for a


To be able to

Stand and look out

Of a window



You mix up the earth with your hands

Smile at me, calling my name

I squint at the autumn sunshine

See your kind eyes shining

As they gaze at me.

Holding your wet earth hand,

I rise, I rise, I rise,

Indefatigable as a tiny green

Plant, thriving with fierce spirit

Needing only one drop


Respectful love.


Screenplays from an old time

Flash past before my eyes

Stereotypes, anger, suppressed rage

Humiliation, dressing downs, mockery

Love, lust, fear, hatred, envy, loathing

Mixed and merged like a canvas gone bad

With horrible hues

Disgust dripping down like ashen failure

I stop the movie within; hit the mute button

And switch on the Now:

It hums your name, my name,


My canvas clears once again

With bright, joyous colours

Of happiness.

My movie script begins again

This time, the lines are written

By my own self respect.