An Exercise in English Composition

Picture 230

So the teacher said:

Dear children, develop the following outline into a small story.

Her eyes were red

I noticed.

“Fox, grapes, jump.

Fail, try again.

Fail, fail, frustrated.

Grapes are sour,”

She smiled at us wanly.

Hey, she said,

Try this children!

Give a good title,

” Fox and the Grapes!”

I made a hobby out of that outline game

And tried playing it often:

a) Try this children:


Win, happy

News in papers

Man scared, angry

Man’s father ¬†furious, screams

Your name in it, not ours?

Bad woman, not respectful

Did not give us credit!


Hiding the Newspaper!

b) Better fun? Try this children!

Not beautiful,

Plain and ugly

Thin and small

Not good to be shown out

Stay inside home

Family get- together

Not for you

We will be back soon

Open at the first knock

Grand mother is deaf

And will not hear.

Title: Going Out

3. Try this too children:

Family, support

Thank God the children

Do not take after



And then the honey,

After the snakebite

Your hair is not

That bad, by the way!


4.Try this children


Hiding newspapers

Hiding self



Title: Past

Alternate title: Truth is stranger than fiction

Like it, teacher?