For Brothers

Very few are gifted with brothers. And still less with brothers as wonderful as mine.

Who or what is a brother? Does he have to share your parents? Can any human being suddenly become a brother? Lord Ram gave Hanuman that great glory when he said, ‘You are as dear as Bharat to me.’

This Raksha Bandan, let me toast the brothers in my life.


When you falter,  there is his steady hand

When you fail,  there is his encouraging word

When you struggle, there is his quiet support

When you cry, there is his strong shoulder

When you get up, there is his proud smile

When you walk on, there is his victory sign

When you win, there is his warm laughter.

When there is suffering, moments of intense grief

You reach out and call –

My brother! And he is there.

Till the path ends, till the gate closes

Let us then walk together.

Till the next story scripted by

The master author, sees us

Again, as sister and brother

Let us walk

Quietly together.




A Picture Speaks…


Once upon a time

I knew someone

Who told me

” I do not understand poetry.”

It was said with sarcasm,

Contempt and pride.

I still struggle

With apt repartees

That went unsaid

Of course.

(Love is a strange suffocating mask…)

Today I know

It was the other’s


Not mine.

I also knew someone

Who was afraid

Of what a woman’s words

Could do

To her reputation!


(This one deserved the cake. Cliche is a poem too.)

In remembrance of all

Those who claimed to worship


Without ever learning

To bow

Before her,

I dedicate

A simple poem…in ink.

(P.S. If you do not understand poetry, check your reputation.)