Poems of Insight: Shri. Veeran Kutty (Translation From Malayalam)



When those in love


Nothing really happens

To them.


Two small deaths.


How vast the sky

Of the bird

Not bothered about

When it will die!


Lady who cannot see,

Who can call you blind?

Who has ever measured

The boundaries of your sight?

My colours-

Are seven in all.

How many for you?

My paths-

When hours four go past,

Hit a door.

You walk on still.

When it is named ‘bird’

When it is named ‘tree’

Whn you hear ‘depth’

When you hear ‘height’

You are seeing certain things


To others.

You might be imagining

A dead man

As one walking by.

Lady who cannot see,

With your single glance

You have clothed

The nakedness of the whole world.

Those who meditate

Learn from those who cannot see:

This language

Of seeing God

With eyes shut.

Dear God!

I am the real blind one.

Why did you reveal my blindness

By giving me sight?


Secret Dictionary


The most misused word ever,


We use it to replace

LustWantNeed BandaidPacemakerAphrodisiac

MusclerelaxantSleeping pill…( top choices amongst others)


Every woman

Has a secret dictionary.

She opens the page

With the word


And reads a new synonym, every time.

If the meaning skips from one to two to three

To four to five to six

Seven and perhaps eight

In a moment, minute, hour or day…


She will not change the dictionary

She will look at a new page instead.

The page with  words full of “I”-


Later, much later

When she laughingly turns to Love,

A new meaning winks at her-


And hence  the  real truth:


Shall set you free.





Translations : Veeran Kutty Poems


More translations from Malayali writer Veerankutty. From his book, Veerankuttiyude Kavithakal.


Note: As a translator, I was struck by the spirituality and simplicity of the poems.

Having recently translated spiritual poetry  from saints across east and west, including the Sufis, I recollected the moments of admiring similar threads of gold from God’s tapestry of Love Poems.


1. Until existence ceases  ( Illathakum Vare)



Look at me,

Amid the trees.

I  would be

Looking at you too,


It is just to see,

Who would be the first

Among us

To dry up;

When summer


2.  Request ( Apeksha)

Dear God,

In case you are planning

To  banish me



Do give a hint,

Early on.

I have to make

Certain arrangements

Before death.

3. Precision ( Sookshmata)

Our love

Might escape


For quite a while-

Since you are


Laminating it

With your tears.

4. In the same rain ( Ore Mazhayil)

Two separate births,


In two different places.


We can get drenched

In the same rain.

We can touch each other

With the same breeze.

Did we not become blind

In the same lightning?

Even so,

How can a small death


Obliterate us?

5. In Love( Pranayathal)

How long did this house,

Made of




They arrived-

Blinded with love.


It has become

A house of light.

Little suns

Are at play,

In the front yard.

6. This lightning( Minnale)


Will make us sit on

Rods without insulation.

The vibrations,

Shall make our beaks

Touch each other.


Something like lightning

Shall pass through us both.

How can electricity elaborate

On what it feels like

When travelling through lovers?

Say, will it cease violence then?

Shall it cause the lighthouse- trees

On the sea shores,

To bloom out with flowers?


Stepping Stones


One: Love

When someone mocks at you,

Grip on that stone firmly

With your toes-

Stepping stone it is,

To raise you to the next level

Of amused detachment.

Where, when he mocks again,




Spittle dripping down fangs of hatred,

Instead of thinking,

Why or what or which or when,

You take hold of the  reins of the fifth



And wonder aloud,

“How on earth,

(On heaven, On God himself,)

How on earth did I ever fall into that bloody pit?”


Two: Beauty

Beauty was  the stone which

Twisted my ankle.

I was hardly five years old,

And I was put down firmly

In my place by that stone side.

“You are not pretty.”

My stepping stone first tripped me down

I cried in hurt, touching nose, cheeks,

And glared at beauty-

That invisible foe.


Others took advantage of that

Weak ankle,

Achilles’ heel, ( haha!)

And seeing that I still bled

From that angle,

Thrust rapiers of destruction

Into it.

It took a while before beauty

Stood up and stretched herself-

Saying, this stone is mighty handy

For the self to spring anew

Into bluer skies!

Aeans later, I sometimes revisit that

Stepping Tombstone.

On it is thrice engraved:

‘One day she woke, and opened her eyes.’


Three: Words

Words can  destroy, emasculate

Can degrade, frighten, terrify,

Can  also

Free, and  let you fly

Can fight for you, can defend you

Can empower, can show truth

Can prove , can laugh,

Can make love, can kill

Can create barriers to protect

And electrify the walls.

Better befriend them,

They  can be stepping stones-

To everything wonderful

In this life.


Poems By Vijaya Lakshmy (Translations from Malayalam)

Poems by Vijayalakshmy


1. Dedication/Samarpanam (2007)

To write about you?
I would need
The ink of the full moon light
And this Universe.
Lightning, thunder storms, rain, sunshine-
These are my emotions about you.
Is your throne the deep blue sky?
In the ocean, your name resounds.
Every step I take in this earth-
An embrace of your love’s alphabets.
In the sunset, your inner fire;
The mid night galaxy, your benign heart beat.
Your message in the air around.

In the water, life giving sweet melodies.
Dear one, having offered myself before thee-
I stand quietly apart.
Will you not accept the dedication?

2.Yours/Swantham (2007)

A flag from which the moon has
Faded, a brooding dark fort where,
The wind is sentinel.
The freezing silence of icy earth,
And a dream
Where a reluctant sun rises slowly,
That’s mine.

To share equally, the  burden
Of an ancient journey-
The memory of my sweet
Finger tips,
My disappearance,
A tantalizing Pala tree
Flowering in the distance.
Beyond touch, serene, yours.