Not Alone ( Thanichalla) Sugata Kumary Poem


Temerity means well, excessive confidence, a sort of effrontery. Hope dear Sugata Kumary teacher forgives me for the temerity of doing a translation. The sort of precious feelings her lines evoke, I could not help it actually.

Thanichalla ( Not alone)

In the moist darkness of the rain’s aftermath,

In that faint shimmering light

I sit alone,

In the shadow of the even tide.



I am surrounded by those

Who left me behind

Drowned in tears.

My sister caresses  me; she had hurriedly

Gone away

Just the other day.

Nearby stands my young brother,

With his smile that never sets.

My beloved holds onto my hand,

Promising to never let go.

My  little son comes scampering

And sits on my lap; and

My mother drops a kiss on my forehead.

My father hums a tune, besides me.

My mentors, place their hands on my head.

My friends, who have long left, look on and smile.


Magnificent as the roar of the sea,

Their dear voices and the touches

That I recognize seamlessly.

In this cool twilight,

As they entwine my heart and soul;

In this blistering twilight,

Which burns me with loneliness;

Without tears, without parting

I sit next to them, touching them.

(Mathrubhumi, May 17, 2015)