Task Underway…As He Said!


Hanuman- the One who has conquered ego, the One with a broken chin…Hanu/ Man have been interpreted in many ways. (Based on stories of Hanumanji being hit by Indira’s Vajrayudha in his childhood, based on Hanumanji conquering ego)

He is the epitome of humility who addresses Sursa as Mother, and promises that he will return to be her food after he makes the trip to Lanka to fulfill Sriramji’s task.

The book getting readyūüėä

Editing, tweaking, adjusting sentences, formatting … The task is on, as He said. We will return after fulfilling it.


Poems of Compassion : Shri. Veeran Kutty (Translation From Malayalam)


1. The Heaviness of the Rain

If someone were to dislodge

A pot full of water over your


All at once,

Your scalp will sting

Your breath will struggle

The song in your throat-

Will break, slide

And slip inexorably down.

Someone is emptying

The pot of the sky.

Splayed into multiples

Trickling  into  cloth-wicks

It gently

Touches us.

The moist threads


All the heat

Burdening  us.


Picks up  our shocking failures,

Split them into  thin

Hair-like strands,

Places those


On our heads.


Who has rain

Within Him.


2.  The House of The Dead

No house in this world

Can equal the Taj Mahal.


There comes a time


When every house

Turns into a Taj.

When someone

Lost in an inexplicable


Or otherwise,

Mutters to himself

That his home

Is like a tomb.


3. House

I know now

That there is no room for me

In this house.

What is a room?

Just a  stifling thought,

Of those within.

Something which suffocates

As you contemplate.

It is a mere possibility-

Which occurs when there is a wall.

How can you conclude

That the walls belong to the


They belong to the great


If the walls are not of the house,

There is no room.

Hence, no house either.

Look at the outdoors-

That is my room, house.

I am going home,

Do not call me back.


Ravan Kar Deejahu Yeh Paathy(45): Give This Missive To Ravan


The spy’s story (Sundar Kanda Continued)


Suni Lacchiman sab nikat bolaye/daya lagy hasi turat chodaye//

Ravan kar deejahu yeh pathy/Lacchiman bachan bacchu kulkhaty//

Hearing the spy’s words, Laxman called them all near himself, he felt great pity on the spy and immediately got him freed

(Then Laxman told him-) Give this letter to¬†Ravan himself,( to his own hand and tell him-)Hey Clan-Destroyer! Be forewarned by Laxman’s message!



Kahehu mukhagar mood san mam sandesu udaar/

Sita deyi milhu na ta aava Kalu tumhaar//

Then  you should convey to that fool my  generous message verbally-

You better hand over Sitaji to SreeRamji and meet the Lord, else know that Your Kal( Death God) has arrived!


Turat nayi Lacchiman pad madha/ chale doot barnat gun gadha//

Kahat Ram jasu Lanka aye/Ravan charan sees tinh naye//

After bowing at Laxman’s feet and singing glorious tales of SreeRamji’s qualities, the spy left immediately

Praising SreeRamji he arrived at Lanka, and went to Ravan and paid obeisance


Bihasi Dasanan poochi baata/kahasi na suk aapani kuslaata//

Puni kahu khabari Bibheeshan keri/jaahi mrityu aayi ati neri//

Ravan laughed and queried-Hey Shuk! why are you not speaking of your well being?

Tell us about that Vibheeshan, whose death has come so close to him


Karat raj Lanka sad tyagy/hoyihi jav kar keet abhagy//

Puni kahu bhalu kees katkayi/kadin kal prerit chali ayi//

That fool abdicated Lanka even when he was a part of the rulers, the unfortunate one will get crushed like a  seed of the barley plant (in the ensuing war)

Tell me about the army of bears and monkeys, brought herewith due to the push of impending death_


Jinh ke jeevan kar rakhwara/bhayavu mridul chitt sindhu bichara//

Kahu tapasinh kai baat bahori/jinh ke hridayam traas ati mori//


And whose protector is the gentle, and simple ocean itself ( Had the ocean not been there as a barrier, the Rakshasas would have eaten them up a long time ago)

And do tell me about those mendicants,  whose hearts are terror struck because of me!


Sumati Kumati Sab Kem Ur Rahahim(35): Both the good and bad intelligence dwell within everyone


Ravan is infuriated with Vibheeshan (Sundar Kanda Continued)


Ripu utkarash kahat sad dove/doori na karahu iham hayi kovu//

Malyavant grih gayavu bahori/ kahayi Bibheeshanu puni kar jori//

(Ravan shouted)-These two fools are spouting the praises of my enemy! Who is there? Get them away from here!

Then Malyavant returned to his home and Vibheeshanji again joined his palms together and said-


Sumati kumati sab kem ur rahahim/Nadh puran nigam as kahahim//

Jaham sumati tah sampathi nana/jaham kumati tah bipati nidana//

Hey Lord! The Puranas and Vedas say that Subuddhi( discerning or good ¬†intelligence) and Kubuddhi( wicked intelligence) dwell in everyone’s heart( Wisdom and Folly both dwell within everyone)

Where good intelligence dwells, there multiple ways of  joy stays, where wicked intelligence rules, there all results turn disappointing and unhappy


Tav ur kumati basi bipareeta/hith anahith manahu ripu preeta//

Kaalrathy nisichar kul Keri/tehi Seeta par preethy dhaneri//

In your heart the wrong intelligence has started dwelling, hence you are looking at what’s good as bad, and ¬†seeing the foe as friend

Seeta, who is akin to KaalRathri( Night of worst nightmares)  for the Rakshasa clan, you are so enamoured by her


Doha: Tat charan gahi magavu rakhahu mor dular/

Seeta dehu Ram kahu ahit na hoyi tumhar//

Hey Brother! I am falling at your feet and begging you-please be indulgent with me( like you indulge a child’s plea), please return Seetaji to SreeRamji, so that nothing untoward happens to you


Buddh puran shruthi sammat baani/kahi Bibheeshan neethi bakhaani//

Sunat Dasanan uda risaayi/khal tohi nikat mrityu ab aayi//

Vibheeshan spoke appealingly  in words acceptable to scholars, based on Puranas and Vedas,  full of justice

But on hearing his words, Ravan was infuriated and jumped up, and said- You Wicked One! Now Death is very close to you( I will kill you now)


Jiasi sada sad mor jiaava/ripu kar pacch moodh tohi bhaava//

Kahasi na khal as ko jag mahim/bhuj bal jaahi jita mai nahim//

You Fool!You exist because I am there( You eat my food) but You Idiot! You like adoring the enemy better than me!

You Evil One!Tell me, is there anyone in this world that I have not defeated using my strong arms?


To God, With Love

My first book in Malayalam has been released:  a translation of spiritual poetry. My gratitude to DC books and K.R.Meera.

Meera, what a scintillating preface you have written! I loved it!