Minda Praani by Veeran Kutty (Poetry Translation from Malayalam)



“Minda-Praani” , a poem by  Prof. Veeran Kutty

(  This poem won the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award recently)


Translation from Malayalam:

Dumb Beast

It is very convenient-

The assurance,

That the Dead shall not rise again.

Treat them with utmost disregard,

They will not raise a whimper.


That guy in the mortuary,

Who cracks open the skull

With a hammer,

He gives a damn

That it was once a man.

The lad in the stone quarry,

Will display more care and compassion.


Inside the gaping stomach,

Brains, liver and the ilk are dumped

Before the sewing: a sight to watch!

School kids will stitch up a torn ball

Better than that.

Anyone, can commit any atrocity,

On those bereft of refuge, right?


The House of the Dead

Can be identified by the tent

In the front yard.

Someone will drag an old, greying tarpaulin,

Someone else will stretch it haphazardly:

The edges and corners all awry.

The  effrontery is because

The one to take umbrage has left.

The  play tents made by kids will have more finesse.


It was  his last chance to lie

Decked up

That was snuffed out with two white drapes.

How resplendent he was during his wedding!


Never would a guest feel unwelcome in his home,

A  more generous host was hard to find.

What of it, anyway?

Those who came to see him for the last time

Were offered neither a seat

Nor a drop of water.


While digging the grave, why was there

No space  left for him

To turn on his side at least?

Who knows how long he has to be in there?



The relief that he has finally departed

Shall be celebrated by serving payasam*,

During the Feast for the Dead.


Everyone is busy competing

In his name,

To do all that he abhorred.

No wonder then,

That the Dead never return.


Payasam: a special sweet gruel made of milk, jaggery or semolina, cashew nuts, raisins et al.

















A Beautiful Book : Purappadinte Pustakam, V.J.James


I chanced on this beautiful book in my mother tongue on a visit home. The title was alluring. ‘ Purappadinte Pustakam’ by Shri. V.J.James.

Translated it reads, ‘The Book of Exodus’. It is written by a writer who is a scientist by profession.

It reminded me of Marquez’s Macondo. Stories within stories within stories…about an isle in the backwaters of Kerala called Potta Thuruthu( an isle of reeds).

Elegant, simple, unpretentious . Addictive from the first page. A whole culture, way of life in the backwaters of Kerala stood revealed in some 280 odd pages.

Beautiful truths lay sparkling like sea shells in sunshine. Loss, love, lust, affection, guilt, ennui, erudition, religious discourses, geography, boats, shrimps, lighthouse, desolate souls, innocence, the monsoon, folklore, fried catfish, sarpasilla, poison healers, magicians, augurers, helpless humans…woven in exquisite language!

I was amazed at the  writer’s talent. Then I read that it had taken almost thirteen years for the novel to see light. And light it did see: spectacularly! It won the best novel award from DC Books during their silver jubilee celebrations in 1999.

Now many more books have arrived from Shri.V.J.James’ pen. One of his short stories has been made into a film starring none other than Mohanlal himself.

In his note ‘ An encounter with writing ‘aka Ezhuthanubhavam’, he writes that many had advised him lovingly to get his works cross the language barrier- step across the boundary of Malayalam language- and merge with world literature, by getting  it translated into English. He writes that ‘ I have humbly left it to my faith in the power of words: that a book will find its own way.’


An excerpt from this exceptional debut novel, translated from Malayalam… (The joy of words!)

“Folding the book, and switching off the light, Kunjootty hit the bed. As he lay there staring at the  circling beacon lights of the light house afar, he yearned for a deep sleep. Then a thought came into his mind: it was Sunday tomorrow.

He had a lot of confession debts to pay back.
He had stayed away from the Gods, preferring to stand behind the church pondering over many thoughts.Tonight, Kunjootty realised that it was no coincidence that he had enacted the role of Lucifer-that none were ready to take on – in the Bible play staged  on the church grounds all those years before. It was a malicious prank for him at that juncture, but then Lucifer from the play had entered his own life later!

Many sins were seeking forgiveness at the Holy feet of the Shepherd. He opened up five Holy wounds, accepted the sins, and then hanged those on the wooden cross.

His thoughts had started meandering again.
Was he asleep or awake?
Kunjootty tried to move his little finger, trying to prove to himself that he was not dreaming.

A strong wind blew then. The window panes banged  noisily, and flashes of lightning and thunder descended on the earth.
Everything was obscure outside.
The first harbingers of the monsoon had dropped on Potta Thuruthu.

A lagoon-traveller was continuing his  solitary sojourn even then. One of the strong western tempests, gathered strength near his path. The waves which were embraced by that natural force, rose sky high. The traveller, growing exhausted on being tossed up and down, started swimming in the direction of Potta Thuruthu. The wings of the night met each other at the sacred Ishan Kon- the North eastern spot, igniting fire! A thunder broke, with its ear splitting sound reverberating around. As the Fire spears from the sky descended furiously into the water, for the very first time, the lagoon- traveller found himself struck down into the depths of the lagoon, to witness its spectacular marvels. He lay motionless inside the palace of the mermaids and the sea- queen: watching the crystalline splendours around.