Recitation of Vijayalakshmy’s Poetry





I have always loved reading and reciting poetry in my mother  tongue. Below, you can find  six poems  ( recited by Yours Truly ) written by my beloved poetess Vijayalekshmy.

1.Paava aka The Doll

2. Kausalya

3. Swantham and Samarpanam

4. Alakku

5. Vilpathram

6. Dosa

Hoping that her thought provoking lines would make you introspect and smile….


Vilpathram aka The Will- by VijayaLakshmy (Translation)


How does she say so much, by saying so little? This is one poet that I adore, admire deeply.

Vijaya Lakshmy’s poem, translated from Malayalam.

(If you are blessed to know Malayalam, try reading the rhyming, lilting, deep truths in the original.)

Vilpathram (The Will). This poem was published in Mathrubhumi magazine, 2005.

The Will

Who is it, calling me this afternoon?

The death like silence pervading  this

Shelter is forced to listen too;

The telephone- ringing merrily, joyously.

As I pick up the phone, at the other end,

My son!

Still a boy, young, seeing the world

As one big celebration, though dreams

Are fewer these days.

” Mother! Can you hear the wind blowing

Between the trees through this phone?

How wonderful! I am surrounded by this wind

Now! Listen, ma, through the phone..”

At a distance, a murmur serene…

Shaking the thick green all aflutter, furious

Rising and falling, now kissing and hugging

Not restrained, it blows, fighting itself

The wind!

As I stand stunned, at the sound of Life-Spirit

At  the unseen distance,

My son speaks:

” How beautiful is the afternoon sunlight mother!”

Then, almost as if he is waking up,

” Will talk later. So much to study, write

Will call later..”

Silence remains, the other side

Falls silent, fades off, nothingness..

The frozen death like silence thaws

My old age burden, lightens..

In this sleepless afternoon, even as

The wind shakes the wild green

With immense grace,

If you understood that it was Life’s

True Breath, despite all your preoccupations,

If you thrilled at the thought that

This golden sunlight is our true inheritance,

Inspite of all work, if you still know to dream a bit-

My son,

Even if this old lamp dies off,

Remember, as you did today,

I bequeath to you  these dreams

As my Will,

Which  have the power to free you

Eternally from all  life’s sadness.