24 Kishkinda Kanda…A woman meditating



(Rare photoes of Balmik Ramayan translated from Sanskrit to Persian by Sumer Chand…1715 A.D.  Reference: Raza Library, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh)


Bachan sunat sab banar jah tah chale turant/

Tab Sugreev bolaye Angad Nal Hanumant//

Hearing Sugreev’s command, the monkeys dispersed to various directions to search for Sitaji.

Then Sugreev called his most important soldiers like Angad, Nal, Hanuman (Neel, Jambavan et al) to his side.


Sunahu Neel Angad Hanumana/Jambavat matidheer sujana//

Sakal subhat mili dacchin jaahu/ Sita sudhi puchehu sab kaahu//

Hey brave and valorous Neel, Angad, Hanuman, Jambavan!

All of you extraordinary warriors should move south and ask everybody about Sitaji.


Man kram bachan so jatan bicharehu/ Ramchandra kar kaaju samvarehu//

Bhanu peedi seyia ur aagi/ Swamihi sabr bhav chal tyagi//

Your minds, words and deeds shall focus on getting information about Sitaji. Ensure that the task given to us by Sri Ramji gets done successfully.

We turn out backs to the sun and we always face the fire. The task of the Lord deserves total dedication with no hypocrisy in one’s self (mind, words or deeds!)


Taji maya seyia parloka/ Mitahim sakal bhavsambhav soka//

Deh dhare kar yeh bhal bhai/ Bhajia Ram sab kam bihai//

Rejecting the desires created by Maya, one should try to serve the divine Lord. That shall erase the interminable fears associated with the birth and death cycles.

The very purpose of obtaining a mortal body is to leave aside all desires and to meditate on the Lord!


Soyi gunagya soyi badbhaagi/ Jo Raghbeer charan anuraagi//

Aayasu maagi charan siru naayi/Chale harashi sumirat Raghuraayi//

The one filled with good qualities and the one is most fortunate is that person who is Lord Ram’s devotee (who holds onto His feet)

After bowing their heads and getting the command, all of them left, reflecting on Lord Ram’s grace.


Pachem pavan tanay siru naava/ Jaani kaaj prabhu nikat bolava//

Parsa sees saroruh paani/ Karmudrika deenhi jan jaani//

Hanuman was last in the line. The Lord called him to his side.

He touched Hanuman’s head with his blessed hand. He removed the ring from his finger and gave it to Hanuman knowing him to be a great devotee.


Bahu prakar seetahi samuchayehu/ Kahi bal birah begi tumh aayehu//

Hanumat janm subhal kari maana/ Chaleyu hridayam dhari kripanidhaana//

‘Explain to Sita about my love for her (how much I miss her) and about my strength (I shall retrieve her) and return soon.

Hanumanji felt that his birth was fulfilled. Carrying the Lord of Compassion in his heart, he left the place.


Jadhapi prabhu jaanat sab baata/ Rajneeti rakhat surtraata//

Though the Lord of all Devas is omniscient, he is protecting the Rajneeti aka The Art of Ruling.

(He knows everything yet in his human avatar, he is a just king following the lawful dictates of ruling and statecraft.)



Chale sakal ban khojat sarita sar giri khoh/

Ram kaaj layleen man bisra tan kar choh//

The monkeys searched high and wide in the forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and caves.

Their minds are utterely immersed in the divine task assigned by Lord Ram. They have forgotten even their bodily attachment.( Even the thirst and hunger of their bodies do not deter them for a moment.)


Katahu hoyi nisichar saim bheta/ Pran lehim eke k chapeta//

Bahu prakar giri kanan herahim/ Kovu muni milayi taahi sab gherahim//

Wherever they encountered a rakshasa, they took his life in one blow.

They started searching the forests and mountains relentlessly. If they meet a wandering sage, they immediately surround him to enquire about Sitaji’s whereabouts.


Laagi trisha atisay akulane/ Milayi na jal ghan gahan bhulane//

Man Hanuman keenh anumana/ Maran chahat sab binu jal pana//

All were thirsty and consequently were under stress. They could not find water anywhere.

In the forests they were almost lost. Hanumanji understood that they would all die without drinking water.


Chadi giri sikhar chahu dekha/ Bhoomi bibar ek kautuk pekha//

Chakrabaak bak hans udaahim/ Bahutak khag prabisahim tehi maahim//

He leapt up the mountain peak and looked around. Then he saw a curious sight.

Many birds were entering an opening into the earth, and chakravak, swans, cranes etc were flying out through the entrance.


Giri te uteri pavansuta aava/ Sab kahu lai soyi bibar dekhava//

Aagem kai Hanumantahi leenha/ Paide bibar bilambu na keenha//

Hanuman descended and took all the monkeys to the great opening.

There without delay, he entered the cave, leading from the front.


Deekh jaayi upban bar sar bigasith bahu kanj/

Mandir ek ruchir tah baidi naari tap punj//

When they went inside, they saw a beautiful garden and lake resplendent with lotuses. There was a temple nearby and a woman deep in meditation was found seated there.




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